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Creating A Book Bubble


creating a story cornerHopefully you caught my earlier post on the blog introducing the fabulous Bookbuggy and their book subscription for kids last week.  If you didn’t make sure you head over to the post and enter the competition to win a subscription.

If you’re lucky enough to win you’ll have loads of new books to enjoy with your little readers and so this follow up guest blog from Lesley Jallow  – Bookbuggy reviewer and Early Years expert is perfect for giving you ideas of how to create a special place for you and your bookworms to read.  I know that I would have loved to create a special reading corner for Roo when she was little and I love some of the advice from Lesley in this blog.

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A Christmas Wish….


A Christmas WishChristmas is a time for giving and receiving and there’s no doubt that we all love getting our gifts on Christmas morning no matter how old we get there’s always something magical in opening gifts from our loved ones and also seeing their faces light up as they open their presents too.

It is also a time for reflection and pausing to remember people who are important to us and who may not be with us at Christmas time for one reason and another.  This year for me and Roo will be different for lots of reasons; my brother and his wife will be spending their first Christmas in California and not with us (something we’ve always celebrated together). It will also be the first Christmas that Roo and I don’t spend as a family as she will get two Christmas Day’s this year one with me and one with her Dad as we felt that it was better to do it this way rather than rush around each other’s current houses on Christmas morning getting worn out.

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Bookbuggy Book Subscriptions for Little Bookworms


Bookbuggy Book SubscriptionsI cannot stress just how much Roo and I love books. Reading for us is part of our daily routine. It is built into bedtimes and we have great fun in choosing our daily story, settling down at the end of the day and reading a new adventure together. When we’re out of books we have a game where we make up our own stories and it’s wonderful to watch Roo’s imagination come to life as she creates a fantasy world of pirates, aliens and daring rescues.

Bookbuggy Kids Book Club

So when I heard about Bookbuggy and their concept of book subscriptions I was excited to learn more about how this concept would help little bookworms become avid readers and fans of the written word.  If you’ve not heard of Bookbuggy it is a personalised monthly book club for 0-5 year olds and there are some brilliant books to choose from whether you’ve got boys or girls.

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WIN: A Harrods Christmas Hamper


uk mummy blogger competitionsI love hampers, there’s something so quintessentially British about them.  They’re always packed with interesting foodie goodies – things you’d never buy yourself but when they’re in a hamper you can’t wait to peek under the lids and wrappers of the items in the hamper.  I was lucky enough to be bought one a few years ago and gleefully kept most of the contents to myself as they were far too delicious to share….I know I’m a meanie (sorry Santa!)

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