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Keeping it simple…


santa monica pierSometimes it’s easy to lose focus, lose sight of what’s important, what makes you smile and what brings a smile to the faces of those you love.  As a parent there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your child’s face light up at the delight of something they’ve seen or are doing or get given.

Too often though we measure this with material means and as a nation of spenders not savers it’s easy for parents to over indulge, over complicate and saturate our kids with ‘too much stuff’.  Sometimes you need to take a step back, go back to basics, strip things to their bare bones and just enjoy simple pleasures together and create memories.

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Darling You’re Mollycoddling the Kids…


not wrapping the kids in cotton woolIt’s pretty easy as a parent to adopt a ‘cotton wool’ approach towards your kids.  After all you spend nine months carrying and nurturing the little ball of life inside you and it’s only natural you should want to do everything you can to protect them when they are born into this harsh and unforgiving world.  But as you become a stronger, more experienced parent you begin to wonder whether wrapping the kids in cotton wool is the ‘best’ approach.

As adults we know all too well the stark reality of every day.  It’s a jungle out there, a dog eat dog world and now more than ever it’s every woman (and man) for themselves.  Now it’s not 10 people who apply for the job you want its 50 and you have to strive that little bit harder to continue to afford life’s little luxuries.  You only ever want what is best for your kids.

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Thank You, Adieu & Merry Christmas to All


the end of 2013We may be just over a week away from New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day hasn’t even been and gone yet but for me the blog closes early this year.

Why? Because from Boxing Day onwards I will be out in the sunny climate of California enjoying the sunshine of Santa Monica, the long beaches, lazy days and the good company of Miss Roo, my brother and his wife.

I approach this journey with lots of emotions as it’s been a weird few months since September when I called time on my marriage of 10 years and originally this journey was to be one we made as a family of three.  Now it will just be Roo and myself and I’m nervous about travelling so far on our own but excited about seeing people who mean so much to me.  I will miss people here, family and friends and some new ones I’ve made in the last month who have been bringing a smile to my face.

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Laura Ashley Throw Review


homeandstylebloggersI was lucky enough to be chosen to take part in a lovely home and style review for Laura Ashley recently whereby we were asked to find an alternative use for one of a gorgeous Laura Ashley throw as part of our festive preparations.  Always up for a challenge and a big fan of Laura Ashley’s timeless home furnishings I was quick to take up the gauntlet on this.

There were two throws to choose from and I opted for the Shaldon stripe throw as I loved the neutral colourway and duck egg is one of my all time favourite colours.  The stripes give the throw a fresh crisp look and this would look lovely on a dark leather sofa and on a sunny day this throw would make the perfect picnic rug for a trip to the coast.

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