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My First Big Weigh In….

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Yesterday was a rather exciting day.  Why?  Well I was going to do my first weigh in at the gym since starting my gym programme two weeks ago as part of my #lose2stone challenge.  I’ve been a member at the local Virgin Active club for just over 3 weeks and as part of my initial gym induction with my ‘One Direction’ PT Mark I had to get on the dreaded scales.

Scales are something I hate and seeing them flash at 85kg was pretty horrific, although encouraging at the same time as I knew I’d lost weight since September last year.  This was my benchmark. I never wanted to see that number again.  The number I wanted to see was 60kg.  Ideally by May 26th when I head to Italy because I have my eye on a gorgeous bikini.

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Miss Roo Goes to Rainbows


Starting RainbowsI have to admit the last three weeks have been a bit of a blur. There’s been the house move to organise, my divorce being official, starting a new job, settling Roo into school and both of us getting into our own little routine in the morning in our own house.

I have to say that Roo never ceases to amaze me. Everything that has been thrown at her in the last 6 months she has coped with.  She’s dealt with my decision to separate amazingly well, we have a stronger bond if anything because of this, she’s dug deep and adjusted to a new school, new friends and a new house in such an amazing way that I am proud to say that she is my daughter.

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Get a Reaction this Valentines Day with Durex


Durex Embrace Pleasure GelsWe all love a cuddle, a fumble a bit of hanky panky or something special and Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to show your loved one just how much they mean to you with little gestures or a night out.

Mr Lover Lover And if you are looking for inspiration for what to do to sweep your loved one off their feet and get them in the mood this year why not head down for a romantic evening in London.  The team at Durex are putting on a Valentines Day themed event at the South Bank that is the perfect entree to an evening of all things smoochy and bound to get you in the mood for something a little tastier when you return home.

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Fantastic fast food at home

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healthy fast food for kidsOne of the greatest food revolutions of the last century has come in the form of the franchised fast food restaurant. Street food and eating on the go have appealed to consumers from as far back as the Roman Empire but the improvements of transport over the last 100 years have led to explosive growth in the fast food industry.

fast-foodThe concept of franchised restaurants was first developed in America during the 1930s and since then, fast food has become a huge industry employing millions of people.

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