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Baylis & Harding Christmas Goodies


Baylis & Harding reviewRegular readers of my blog will know that I am a BIG fan of the gorgeous toiletries and spa products from Baylis & Harding.  They do what they do so well.  Beautifully packaged gift sets at a great price that look awesome when guests come round and snoop in your downstairs loo!

So I was super eager to test out their new range of Christmas goodies as part of their autumn and winter collection as my skin was in need of a bit of TLC.  There are so many gorgeous new products in the range this year it was pretty tough choosing some to review and the new Beauticology products were pretty hard to resist, but in the end I plumped for the following items from the new Baylis & Harding Christmas collection.

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Wanted: Snuggly Winter Coat for the School Run!


Bon Marche Winter coatsOne thing you quickly learn as a parent on the school run is that there is nowhere quite as freezing as the school playground.  Nowhere does the arctic wind whip across your face and the rain drops sting your cheeks quite like that dank, concrete square that you seem to waste countless hours of your life waiting for the urchins to emerge from school.

So because of all of this you realise pretty quick that you need a winter coat that will be your arsenal in battling the elements and ravaging cold on the school run.  The thing is that coat also needs to be stylish, have a million pockets to store keys, phones, sweets, hair bobbles, half eaten food (or is that just my child?).  Many of the coats in the high street veer too much into the ‘high fashion’ stakes and are rubbish in terms of practicality.  I have a gorgeous burnt orange boucle wool coat from River Island.  It looks stunning on but is totally impractical for the school run in reality as it cost nearly £100 and I’d scream if any grubby mitts came near it clutching a painting.  Sorry Roo.

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A Mystery Magazine Subscription Christmas Gift


magazine subscriptions for Christmas giftsYou’d think with technology these days that ordering a magazine subscription for a Christmas gift would be really simple and really easy.  Apparently though when you use Quality Magazines that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Yet again this year the above company have managed to balls up not one but two magazine subscriptions in exactly the same way they did last year for a gift to my mum from my father.

As a regular reader of Good Housekeeping my mum loves the magazine and so this year decided to get a subscription for her sister and sister in law.  I helped her place the order online even filling in the boxes to state that the item ‘was a gift’ and inputting a Christmas message….see it’s really obvious that it was a gift.

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What to look for – and avoid! – when choosing an energy provider


what to look for when choosing an energy providerSwitching energy providers has become popular among consumers looking to save money on their gas and electricity bills. To do so, one must search for the best deals and compare different tariffs such as fixed energy prices (something sometimes made easier by online comparison websites). Before you venture down that road, here are the top things to look out for – and to avoid – when choosing an energy provider.

Energy Usage and Tariffs

In the light of current energy price hikes in the UK, everyone wants a good deal when it comes to their utility bills, so comparing prices is a good place to start when choosing an energy supplier. However, it’s not as simple as just comparing one price. The price you pay for your energy depends on your usage as well as the cost per unit. Your energy usage can be found on bills and annual statements, and you can then multiply this by the cost of one unit of energy. Also look out for standing charges, which are separate charges for administration and maintenance costs.

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