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EAST Clothing Review


East Clothing ReviewThere’s no doubt that there are perks to being a blogger, when I started writing over five years ago this wasn’t how it worked.  My blog for me was an outlet online for me to express myself, to rant on my soapbox, to moan to the world and to stop bending the ear of my family.  They used to joke that at least if I was blogging I wasn’t nagging.

As my blog and my social following grew and the world of social media changed so did the way that brands and PR’s chose to work with respected bloggers.  Today like many good bloggers and writers my inbox is inundated daily with requests to work together, and it’s lovely when a good PR takes the time to make the effort and really engage with me through my blog.

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Argan + Argan Oil Body Wash from Waitrose


Argan + Argan Oil body wash reviewI love packaging that stands out, anything that looks a bit different is pretty much guaranteed to get me picking it up and putting it in the trolley.  So when I spied this pretty turquoise bottle sitting on the shelf in the weekly shop round Waitrose (yes since moving back in with the parents I get to shop at the ‘posh’ supermarket) I was drawn to it.

The fact that it also had beautiful gold writing and promised be silky smooth, moisturised skin and had my favourite beauty treat Moroccan Argan Oil in also meant that it was this week’s impulse buy.

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Could Too Much Exercise Cause or Worsen a Migraine?


exercise and migrainesA lot of us may be looking into our New Year’s resolution already, and a key for some, maybe healthy living.   However for those that suffer from migraines, exercise could be tricky.  Nutritional therapist Naomi Mead shares her thoughts if exercise could cause or worsen a migraine?

What is a Migraine?

A migraine can be characterised as an intense, throbbing pain on one, or sometimes both sides of the head.  It is often accompanied by associated symptoms including nausea, pins and needles, and increased sensitivity to light or sound.  It is believed that migraine could be a result of inflammation and associated rapid changes in the blood flow to the head. This can lead to the swelling of blood vessels in the brain pressing on nearby nerves and causing pain

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The Oak and Rope Company Giveaway


uk mummy blogger competitionsThere’s those websites you find on the internet that are little gems.  Packed to the rafters with beautiful gifts and hand crafted items, The Oak and Rope Company is one such website and when I found their site about 4 months ago I had to tear myself away from my screen as I’d have furnished each room in my house with pieces from their gorgeous collections.

Their beautiful hand carved solid oak gifts are to die for and my favourite is their Nespresso coffee capsules stand, their herb garden stands and the stunning engraved solid wood chopping boards.  When I get my next place I will definitely be getting myself a house warming gift from there!

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