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Why your family should say no to cruelty this Christmas


I love animals and have had pets my entire life. Not having a pet now is horrible and I cannot wait for the day when Addy and I can have another pet.  Bella was a rescue cat we had and although a timid little thing she would always come for a cuddle and was so good with Addy. The thought that someone would hurt her was truly awful. We have always taken care of our pets and the thought of animal cruelty upsets me right to the very heart of me.  Unfortunately, this is something that still happens today, with the festive period proving the busiest time for the RSPCA.

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Creative fun from House of Fraser


A few weeks back I received a lovely email from the House of Fraser PR team.  I love it when a PR company does their research into my blog and they clearly had read a few articles and checked through my social media accounts as they knew about Addy’s love of colouring and art.  It is no exaggeration to say that some days Addy will draw for 2 – 3 hours just doodling, being creative and loves to draw freehand rather than colour pictures in books.

It is lovely to watch her and a joy when she paints or draws me one of her creations, most of which adorn the fridge in our little kitchen.  So when they asked if we’d like to review these gorgeous Hamleys Poster Paint pen set I knew that she would love these pens in her artists collection.

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Christmas Party Outfit Inspiration from Marisota


I love getting glammed up. Any excuse to pile the hair high, create dramatic eyes and wear bright bold lips and beautiful dresses I absolutely love and the Christmas party season is the perfect opportunity to go all out and go for an outfit with real sparkle.  After all you might be looking to find someone special under the misteltoe this year and you want to make sure that you stand out from across the room.

This year I was lucky enough to be approached by fashion brand Marisota to work with them on creating my perfect Christmas party outfit style board and what girl wouldn’t want to go wild and indulge her love of shopping by choosing from an amazing array of gorgeous party fashions?

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Scrumptious #stroopsmile creations


Anyone who knows me knows that I love coffee.  My Nespresso machine that was a gift when I got my first little pad this year has been much loved and has meant I can keep up my addiction of having good coffee at home.  The thing is there aren’t really any biscuits I like with my coffee that you can buy in the shops.  I like those lovely little biscuits you get in the hairdressers and did manage to find them recently in Tesco but they’ve stopped selling them much to my displeasure (but not my waistline’s).

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