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Guide London Shirts – Valentines Gifts for Men


February the 14th.  A date you either love or hate.  If you are married or in a blissful relationship it can be the chance to spoil each other with cute little presents and gifts, or head out for a romantic (usually overpriced) meal.  For those of us in a relationship buying gifts either falls in to one or two camps.

Something very red, with some romantic phrase on it or involving a big doe eyed animal or something indulgent and luxurious.  If you ask me what I want I am a typical romantic and would love flowers and my favourite perfume…if you happen to be reading this Mr B the perfume is B by Balenciaga.

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Slendertone Shape Up In Six Weeks


I have booked a holiday…two in fact…the first of which happens in May.  It involves a rather lovely resort on the hip and trend isle of Ibiza. I cannot wait…however this means that the quest to banish my muffin top is now even more serious.  I have to up my game as I am determined to wear my bikini round the pool without hiding under a kaftan this year.

The thing is no amount of yoga, core strengthening or gym time is shifting it…it gets smaller and is a lot smaller than last year.  I’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 14, although I still buy clothes that are too big because I can’t psychologically get my head round being a 14.

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Linea Wine Glasses from House of Fraser


As a knackered single parent there is one thing you will always find in my cupboards….wine! I like wine and most nights have a glass after Addy is in bed. It is my treat of the day and a reward for juggling multiple balls in the air single handedly and coping with the constant demands of life in general and motherhood.  I also do it because of the sign below….at least I can offset my guilt with exercise!


And it seems my love of wine is well known on social media too because the lovely folk at House of Fraser (they do gorgeous homeware if you didn’t know) invited me to try out some of their lovely etched wine glasses from the Linea range.  A chance to have good wine in gorgeous glasses….a girl can’t refuse right?

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Reviving winter skin with skin peels


There’s no doubt about it winter is hard on your skin.  Even the best beauty regimes can sometimes leave our skin looking lack lustre, dehydrated and instead of snow flakes falling on your face you may find its more skin flakes!  Our skin is a bit like an eco-system it doesn’t have the same texture all over and certain parts of your face dry out and become taught quicker than others in winter.

One beauty solution that is always popular for winter, and something that I have thought about treating myself to in recent years, is skin peels. Now like me you probably think skin peels are for celebrities but thanks to many experience high street cosmetic salons they are now within reach of many of us.

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