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Using colour to brighten a neutral living space


I love neutrals and my little rented house is a pretty blank canvas with soft creamy calico walls and a neutral stripe wallpaper in my lounge, whilst my bedroom uses the gorgeous Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink and soft grey.

For me, neutrals are calming and my house is my sanctuary to escape to at the end of the day when my life is busy and it seems that using the right colours in your home can help to set certain moods for certain rooms.

Warm shades like oranges and yellows make rooms feel inviting, warm and happy spaces and dark blues such as regatta blue or royal blue give an air of sophistication and elegance.

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Crystal Clear skin for summertime


Having just spent a beautiful week in the sun kissed climate of Abu Dhabi and loving the feel of the sun I have given my skincare regime a bit of a change to cope with the demands of summer sun on my skin.

As much as I love having a golden glow from holidays it is important to keep my skin nourished and hydrated as too much sun can cause skin stress and dry patches and breakouts.  I’ve already swapped my usual full coverage Illamasqua foundation to a MAC Mineralize SPF15 foundation as it much lighter on my skin and doesn’t clog my skin during the day instead giving me a glowy, fresh finish that lasts really well.

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Switch off for National Unplugging Day


I don’t blog nearly as much as I used to but still my mobile phone plays a big part of each day and rarely does a day pass without photos taken, tweets posted or Facebook updated. Social media is as much a part of my day as making a cup of coffee and Addy is pretty used to seeing me on the phone or taking photos of things out and about.

It is easy though to get caught up in technology and to lose the really special moments and not enjoy quality time as a family.  More and more of us seem to be bringing gadgets to the dinner table and eating with the TV on and without sounding really old that just wasn’t done in my day ….ok that sounded really old!

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Dieting around your kids a negative choice or just educating them on healthy eating?

healthy eating around your kids

For several years now I have been careful of what I eat.  My metabolism is very poor and I only have to glance at a cake for it to add 10lbs to my hips.  I don’t eat ready meals and cook every night from scratch.  Chips in the house are a rare occurrence and if we eat fast food its from a local Italian restaurant where they make the most amazing pizzas.

At home with Addy I am conscious of what I feed both of us in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We are both members of the local health club and Addy loves her sport doing at least three active sports sessions a week (she’d do more if she could!).  You’ll always find chocolate in the house but it is a treat and not to be eaten over and above fruit and yoghurts.

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