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Countryside Exploration Essentials


As a mum, I’m always looking for fun ways to fill my weekend that Addison and I can enjoy that don’t involve a trip to the cinema or being cooped up indoors for hours on end.  We’re lucky enough to live here in Staffordshire the UK where some of the most beautiful scenery is just a short journey from home – and the best part, it’s absolutely free (minus the petrol costs of course). Addison just loves to get outdoors and explore which is fantastic and a great opportunity to teach her about nature – as well as get some exercise for us both too! There are naturally a few essentials I will always take with me on any of our adventures and a well-stocked picnic aside, here are my must-haves for outdoor activities with young ones.

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Slimming Solutions TeaTox….will it get you beach body ready?


There’s the realisation that I am 37 this year and that means I am getting closer to the big 40.  On the plus side in recent months my waist and hips both measure less than my age so things are good on the ‘feel better about myself’ side of things.

The fact I’ve got holidays booked this year is a big incentive to keep on the health trail and despite time constraints as a single parent I am still managing to get up the gym and on the days I don’t bring out my fabulous Slendertone Abs machine which at least rids me of the guilt of not sweating for an hour in the gym.

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Preparing Presents For Your Child’s Future


The passing down of a family heirloom can be a very special moment for any child: to have come of age and be seen as a responsible grown up person by their family is very exciting.

I inherited my grandma’s jewellery when she died, and whilst I didn’t like the style I had the metal melted down, the stones removed and it was used to make various pieces of jewellery that I now hold very dear to me.  When the time comes these will be gifted to Addison.

To be trusted with a possibly old, often expensive item signifies their importance to the family as an adult. As a parent, making the decision to bequeath an heirloom or an expensive gift to your child is a big responsibility, as you must factor in tradition – or the creation of it – as well as your child’s readiness for the item, and is a parenting issue that is not widely discussed anymore. For those who are wondering about preparing gifts for your child’s future, here’s a few considerations.

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Having Children While Staying Chic


I loved being pregnant, but seven years ago maternity fashion was no where near the stylish heights it is today.  Now a mum to be can look as glamorous with child as a woman without and I have to admit some of the gorgeous outfits Kate Middleton wore during her pregnancy I’d quite happily wear without a bun in the oven.

With the newest royal baby having been welcomed to the world just last week, now there seems no better time than ever to reflect on one of the more unexpected challenges of new motherhood – staying stylish. Many young mums, while utterly enthralled with their new bundle of joy, find it difficult to reconcile their identity as a young woman with their new responsibilities – and fashion is one massive area of difficulty in this regard. Taking both style and practicality into account, here are a few key pieces to add to your wardrobe this summer.

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