Back to school shoes with Debenhams

We’re into nearly the end of the first full week of the school summer holidays.

So far I’ve only raised my voice a few times and haven’t resorted to drinking gin from an Evian bottle by 11am.  These are the small wins I am celebrating since Roo finished school on the 22nd of July. We were lucky in that we had an awesome press trip down to Cornwall to stay at the family friendly Esplanade Hotel (more of that in another blog post), which kept us occupied for 4 days and also I am excited because J is letting me indulge my love of interiors as we start to plan the re-decoration of his house.

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Easy Dinner Party Tips with Crosta & Mollica

First up, full disclosure, this post is written in collaboration with Crosta & Mollica, a company founded with the desire to supply consumers with great quality Italian produce to be enjoyed at home. I love food, hence why I have hips and curves and will never be a size 10 and so I was pretty excited when they got back in touch asking if I’d like to try their Tarallini and Grissini breads. Yes. Yes I absolutely would. I warn you now, if you are watching your waistline then stop reading because these are way too good to resist! Whilst munching my way through their Italian breads (sorry I am not sharing!), they also asked me to share some of my top tips for hosting a dinner party that is ultimately full of fun not stress.

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Discover your office life expectancy

In the words of Rihanna’s latest record ‘work, work, work, work, work’ – most of us cannot get away from the 9-5 grind and there’s no doubting that our work life balance is certainly tipped more to work than relaxation for the majority of us.

This week I was asked  by Calibre Furniture to take part in a Work life Balance quiz and answer some simple questions. It’s a quick quiz and depending on your answers the quiz estimates how long you will live and determines your office life expectancy.

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Protect your dog from ticks with Frontline

One of the things I have been really careful about since having Patch our Cavoodle is making sure that he is kept up to date with his injections, treated for worms and also protected against fleas and ticks. He is microchipped (now law for all dogs over 8 weeks of age) and since we bought him I have made sure to regularly deworm him and have been treating him with Frontline® Spot On flea and tick treatment every month. This is especially important with the warmer weather coming.


One thing I wasn’t aware of though was the increasing risk of ticks in dogs1 and there have recently been a number of reports of dogs in the UK diagnosed with a serious tick transmitted disease called canine babesiosis, which sadly can be fatal to dogs. Although this disease has been reported in the UK before, previous cases seen were in dogs that had recently travelled abroad. These new cases are significant because none of the dogs had travelled outside the UK, which shows that an infected population of ticks has become established in this country.

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PerlFX Liquid Salmon Concealer & Eye Brightener Review

Feeling a little jaded? Eyes looking more panda than sparkly?  Don’t panic – this month I’ve been reviewing the PerlFX Liquid Salmon Concealer & Eye Brightener from Day Dreams Skin & Body Therapy and have been really impressed with it as an every day concealer.

Sleekly designed in a pump action pen this luxurious, lightweight liquid concealer provides lasting coverage while allowing your skin to breathe. This concealer and brightener helps neutralize the dark blue undertones from your skin, while brightening skin tone at the same time.

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