#CostaFoodFun Challenge

I love coffee and like most mother’s am regularly powered throughout the day by caffeine.  I can often be found propping up the counter in my local Costa Coffee and I love the fact that sometimes on a Sunday when Roo comes back from her dad’s we will pop off into Lichfield and have a […]


Mr Darcy Doesn’t Do DIY

Some men are manly and love the thrill of the power drill.  It would seem though that in the leafy suburbs Mr Darcy has developed a cunning plan to avoid DIY that works to his advantage… So ladies if you’re man suddenly develops a disinterest in DIY be warned!


Mother Knows Best

It’s a true saying and as a child one that annoys you when you’re own mother continually reminds you of this very fact. I love the fact that Disney cleverly bought this classic phrase to live in their hit movie Rapunzel and I love singing this song to Roo when we watch the film together. […]

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