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Yankee Candle Cafe Culture Competition


Yesterday the postman bought goodies….really lovely goodies, the new Yankee Candle Cafe Culture collection.  I love Yankee Candles and this new collection has three amazing new fragrances which have been created to delight the senses and are packed with the aromas you’d expect in a really good upmarket Parisienne coffee house.

The three new flavours are Pain au Raisin, Tarte Tatin and Cappuccino Truffle all in the signature Yankee Candle jars.


My favourite out of the three is Pain au Raisin and Addy is loving Tarte Tatin, instantly recognising it as apple tart when I closed her eyes and made her smell the candles.  I cannot wait for Sunday morning and a big pot of coffee on and to light one of the candles and read the Sunday paper and pretend I am sitting in a street cafe somewhere in Paris watching the world go by.

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What would you do with a spare £100?


If you’re like me you probably reach the end of the month and breathe a huge sigh of relief as pay day rolls in; having a spare £100 is something that doesn’t happen in my world and if there is a few spare quid in the bank at the end of the month it doesn’t hang around for long.  I openly admit to being a terrible saver, bad with money and more happy to spend than save.

Putting a little aside for a rainy day is too practical, pensions are boring and I don’t own a savings account.  I don’t like credit cards or loans and really at nearly 37 should be more practical in my approach to money.  A good friend once told me that money is to be respected and treated like a good friend; look after and nurture it and it will look after you.

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Tefal Actifry Express – my new kitchen gadget


I love cooking, always have.  I enjoy nothing more than finding new things to cook and create in the kitchen and find it a good de-stressing mechanism.  Sadly though, I am finding less and less time to be creative in the kitchen.

As a single parent the one thing that is in short supply constantly is time.  There is never enough of it.  By the time I walk in at just after 6pm with Addison who is starving from after school club at the moment dinner is consisting of salads or quick oven meals like fish finger pie, or warmed up dinners that I have previously frozen.  I’ve even resorted to keeping a couple of Weight Watchers meals in the fridge, otherwise it can be 9pm before I start to sit down and eat once I have done the whole bedtime routine.

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Easter chocolate delights!


There’s no escaping what is happening this weekend, one look in the supermarkets and you can’t miss it.  Easter is well and truly upon us and aisle after aisle in my local Tesco has been taken over by chocolate eggs, Easter craft, bunting that looks like something from Mollie Makes magazine and of course more fluffy toys than I can shake a cake-pop stick at.

Aside from the fact that the real reason we celebrate Easter is a religious one and a time to remember Christ dying and rising again it cannot be ignored that from a confectionery point of view Easter eggs are getting more and more elaborate (and expensive, I think one I saw this year was £55 on the high street!).

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