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Keeping the kids busy during half term


February half term is not the best half term.  A bit like October half term the weather is dull, cold, wet and really not conducive to days outside as there’s nothing worse than getting cold and damp and then the kids coming down with colds for the rest of the week and wingeing like mad.  Your sanity needs to remain intact and thinking of things to do with the kids in half term stretches not only the brain cells but also the bank balance.

For me the dilemma this year has been whether to book any time off.  I work full time and the holiday entitlement I do get is precious.  Having weighed up the chance of decent weather -v- a fairly decent activities schedule at the school holiday club I opted to keep my holiday and use it later in the year.  So for three days next week Addy will head off to holiday camp and get to hang out with her school friends run her legs off and engage her creative side in some pretty cool activities.

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Wholegrain Goodness for Kids


Generally kids love pizza and in our house Addy and I have had a great laugh some weekends making our own pizza from scratch rather than buying shop pizza or deadly takeaway.  If we make our own we can get much more creative and adventurous with toppings, try weird combinations and ultimately we know exactly what has gone into each and everyone one of our pizzas.  I firmly believe that as parents it is important that we monitor what our kids eat and that is why I am putting my voice behind the latest campaign from Wholegrain Goodness who are a not-for profit organisation and who have produced a great video and recipe booklet which is all about healthy fun food for kids.

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Life Lessons from Children’s Books


We love books Addy and I.  Every night we read and our collection is growing.  I love that like me she enjoys to read. To escape into another world for a short time and be somewhere else.  Books teach us so much whether we openly realise it or not – many of them teach us valuable lessons and morals.

Sometimes it seems as though we could all stand to learn a little something from our little ones, and sometimes the best inspiration comes from those bedtime stories we read together. Here are eight life lessons inspired by literature aimed at differing age groups… but which hold valuable lessons for us all.

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Scrumptious Lactofree Smoothies


I don’t suffer from a lactose intolerance that I know of but several years ago started drinking Lactofree milk.  If you’ve not heard of Lactofree milk let me explain.  It is dairy drink made from regular cows’ milk which is filtered to remove half the lactose, the sugars naturally found in milk.  So you get all the benefit of fresh, cool milk but with less sugar.  It tastes exactly the same and less sugar in our diets is a good thing.  The range started just with milk but now you can get yoghurts, butter and cheese as well all of which have the same great taste.

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