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Can owning a dog change your family?


If you’d have posed the above question to me a week ago I would have said no.  As much as I love animals and miss my cats terribly since the divorce I wouldn’t have said that they made a difference to us as a family.

Ask me a week later and my answer has changed considerably to a huge resounding YES.  Why? Because for the last week I’ve been dog sitting the most adorable terrier for my boss at work and for one week there was so much laughter and fun in our house it was a different place to be in.

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How to Get the Best Deal When Buying a Car


As a single parent there are certain tasks that fill me with dread.  These include dealing with spiders, cleaning up the freakishness that is wobbly teeth and buying a new car.  I changed my car at the start of the year and have to admit I found it incredibly daunting looking for a new car and selling my own.  Eventually I caved in and got my dad involved to help me negotiate a good deal on a car I had seen and help me get a good price for mine. The whole process went smoothly but I was glad of a helping hand.

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The 3 Most Common Claims for Travel Insurance


Addy and I have had several big long haul holidays since my divorce and this has meant making sure that I have adequate travel insurance for both of us.  Previously we got travel insurance with our bank as part of our joint account but without this it meant shopping around for the best and most comprehensive cover.

This has been particularly tricky for our big two week holiday this year as we are heading off to Cuba for two weeks and all the travel companies advise you to have a higher level of travel insurance, particularly for medical cover.  Eventually we settled on the gold level of cover with Insure & Go and an annual policy worldwide for the two of us costs just £50 which is excellent value.

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House of Fraser Biba Denim Review


Jeans.  I love jeans.  I own too many pairs to count and in a variety of different styles.  From skinny, to high waisted, to bootcut and straight leg.  I have every day pairs for mucking about with Addy in and my favourite pair which is my Levi Curve ID that I bought in California and are like a second skin.

Finding jeans that are worthy enough of making it into my wardrobe is hard though as so many of the cheaper pairs don’t fit well either on the waist or are too long in the leg (the problem of being 5ft 4 and curvy).  Good fitting denim is expensive and as much as I would love to invest in a pair of MIH jeans the reality of spending £200+ on one item of clothing is just not realistic or practical.

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