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The maze of getting a new mortgage


Dear Santa

This year I have to admit I have a rather large request on my Christmas list.  I am not sure if it’s something you can help with but if there is any Christmas magic left then it would certainly make my Christmas.  Could you find someone to buy my house…..

That’s a pretty big ask even for the big guy in red who is renowned for making dreams come true, but well after a year of my old marital home being on the market we head into Christmas with it still for sale.  Once it sells there will begin the whole house hunting and mortgage maze and with recent changes to lending and mortgage guidelines it has become increasingly difficult to find a lender who would be willing to bridge the gap and help me find what will technically be ‘my’ first house on the property ladder.

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Beautiful Christmas Flowers from Floric


What woman doesn’t like flowers?  Not many that I am aware of and for me personally they are the one treat every week that goes in my shopping trolley. Flowers lift your mood and can brighten a room instantly at this time of year though they can be forgotten about and more traditional arrangements such as wreaths take over.

This week though I was invited to review some of the stunning range of Christmas flowers from online floral retailer Floric.   Floric pride themselves in delivering beautiful fresh cut flowers for those special occasions and their range of festive bouquets was of such a high standard that I struggled to choose what I wanted.

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Beautiful scarves for keeping toasty this winter


If there is one thing you learn and learn fast on the school run in winter it is how to stay warm and toasty in the depths of freezing mornings, damp afternoons and the inevitable snow sodden pick ups.  Last year I invested in a seriously warm Duck & Cover duvet coat in a beautiful burnt russet orange and thankfully this year it is still fashionable because it is like doing the school run in your duvet.  Deep pockets which are perfect for shoving my phone in and car keys and a  great big hood to hide under when its a bleak morning.

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Christmas Gifts for Her


It is that time of the year again, the trees are going up, my work colleagues have decorated the office and the house opposite is doing a great impression of an airport runway at night with some serious Christmas light action.  Yes Christmas is less than 4 weeks away now and most people are probably stressing about Christmas gifts this year and what to get everyone.  Undoubtedly women are the hardest to buy for, take my mother for example.  If you ask her what she wants she will nonchalantly reply with ‘nothing, I’ve got everything I need.’

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