Beating Blue Monday with Pukka Herbs

With Blue Monday looming, Co-founder and Master Herbsmith of Pukka Herbs, Sebastian Pole recommends three brews to help chase away the blues. 

Sebastian Pole, author of new herbal tea recipe book, ‘Cleanse, Nurture, Restore’, says: “Living well means nurturing and nourishing both mind and body and what better and simpler way to do this than with a balancing and restoring cup of herbal tea.” 

There are many different types to enjoy, yet certain herbs are shown to have more ‘uplifting’ benefits and contain specific feel-good compounds to brighten mood, in particular, turmeric, green, matcha and tulsi tea. 

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A Step by Step Guide to Hygge at K Spa London

The pronunciation, spelling and meaning of ‘Hygge’ has had the nation perplexed for weeks. Put simply, Hygge (or Hue-Gah) is the art of ‘creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.’ For weeks now, we’ve been desperately hoarding sofa blankets and lighting scented candles in an effort to achieve Danish style and finally become a Hygge-ing nation. 

With the coveted movement growing ever popular in the UK, K Spa invites you to lay off the Yankee candles and retreat to Shepherd’s Bush to enjoy the ultimate Hygge spa day in London.

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Water, Are You Drinking Enough?

On a daily basis it’s easy to forget the simplest of things in life, such as keeping yourself hydrated. I am awful at drinking water, but stick bottles of Moet in front of me and strangely enough they go down a treat!

Statistics reveal that a shocking 75% of people don’t drink enough water. Take a step in the right direction with the Root 7 Citrus Zinger Gift Pack, offering a burst of citrus zing to subtly infuse your water. A slice of lemon will help improve digestion, while kiwi boosts your immunity and a slice of cucumber can supply minerals to help the skin. Are you drinking enough water? If not, the Citrus Zinger is here to help.

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Steak & Honour now officially open in Cambridge

We are pleased to announce Steak & Honour in Cambridge is now officially open! As the first bricks and mortar site, it joins its fleet of distinctive vintage vans which are famous around the city. The local burger heroes are now serving their famed gourmet fast food from a permanent city center home located on Wheeler Street, right next door to the Corn Exchange.

Steak & Honour brings an independent edge to Cambridge’s streets, a city that is sadly inundated with chain restaurants. The new venue is built upon Steak & Honour’s values towards food and service. David and Leo’s Michelin starred backgrounds demand the right ingredients sourced from people who care, delivered in a honest, no-frills, uncontrived way. Steak & Honour bring together the best of both worlds.

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3 ways to make money online from home

You probably won’t need me to tell you that the Internet has revolutionised the way we work – not just in terms of things like cloud computing that enable us to collaborate with those on the other side of the globe, but also in relation to where we work and the hours that we work.

In an era in which the traditional ‘9 to 5’ office job is seemingly disappearing, it’s certainly becoming common to make money online from home – and here are just three ways you can do exactly that.

  1. Offer your skills to people across the world

We’ve all got certain skills, whether gained from our hobbies and interests or day-to-day work. Simply glancing at the categories at the freelancers’ marketplace Fiverr, for example, reveals the likes of web design, social media marketing, music composition and financial consulting to be among the site users’ specialities.

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