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Spookily Good Halloween Costumes from Asda


Last weekend was Halloween and the lovely folks at George at Asda invited Addison and I to choose a costume from their amazing range of fancy dress costumes.  I love dressing up and Addy does too although she doesn’t choose the usual girly costumes and usually opts for something from a super hero section.

The range of Halloween costumes this year was immense and true to form amazing value for money.  No parent wants to spend a fortune on dressing up clothes and I don’t like to pay much more than £10 for an outfit in reality.  Addison surprisingly chose the Gothic Witch costume which she loved because apparently it made her look like a vampire (see I told you!).  I opted to embrace my dark side and go for the Fallen Angel costume.  You can pick up both costumes now at greatly reduced prices so if you’re looking to update the dressing up box then act fast to get a bargain.

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The best thing about autumn is new boots!

I love autumn.  It is my favourite time of year.  The colours, the crisp days and this autumn we’ve been blessed with some lovely warm days too that have meant conker picking after school and even the ice cream van has been seen a fe times.  It is also my favourite season for another reason.  New boots!

I love boots.  They are my favourite footwear and I can never go through a season without buying one or two new pairs.  Whether it’s heels or flats I love to update my winter wardrobe with new pairs each season and I find them such a versatile piece of footwear as they just go with EVERYTHING!

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How important is location when picking a family home?


There are so many things to consider when choosing a location for your new home. A younger couple may decide they want city centre living, right in the midst of the nightlife and restaurant scene, while a businessman may choose rural living with a short commute to work to ease the stress of 12-hour days.

But what should you consider when picking a location for your family home?



The UK is becoming more and more gentrified by the minute – in other words, previously ‘no-go’ areas are becoming a lot cooler. Picking a hip area that is on the up might be great in the long run for a single person but for a family the first thing to consider if how safe it is.

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Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Giveaway!

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The Ghostbusters has to be one of the most iconic films of my childhood; I remember watching it and loving every moment and the catchy theme song still gets stuck in your head.  Then there’s the movie with the pink blob bathtub – anyone who grew up in the 80s as a teenager undoubtedly watched the films.  So I couldn’t resist partnering with the PR team at Home Entertainment for this Ghostbusters Anniversary Giveaway and the chance to give you all a trip down memory lane.

Sony Pictures Entertainment will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its blockbuster franchise GHOSTBUSTERS with a series of special events and home entertainment releases. As a highlight of the celebration, the original 1984 film has been restored and remastered in 4K and will be returning to cinemas for one day only across the UK on October 28th.

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