Smart Wheels Car Insurance #ad


I like to think I am a good driver as I’ve got older, I love to drive actually and find it therapeutic on long journeys when it is just me and my music or a good talking book.  That said this wasn’t always the case and like many young drivers today when I passed my test at 17 and got the keys to my first car (a Fiat Seicento in metallic blue with a blue tartan interior….yes really!) I thought I was the bees knees and would nip around with my mates like no tomorrow.

I thought I was invincible and untouchable but two accidents later, one involving a church in the centre of Lichfield on a Friday night and an intensive driver awareness course my car insurance began to get a little on the steep side.  Looking back, and this is the truth, I honestly wasn’t a bad driver. I was confident and assured behind the wheel and not phased.  The problem was the minute you put other people in the car with me I became distracted and this distraction began to make a dent in my pocket financially.

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Plus size workout clothing from TLC Sport


I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last two years through one thing and another.  That wake up call of a hideous photo on a beach in Santa Monica back in December 2013 was the trigger for me and I have worked bloody hard in the gym and with my comfort eating to drop to a size 14.

Determined that I won’t go back there I have swapped gyms for 2015 and joined Lichfield Golf & Country Club as their membership was better value than the Virgin Active and I liked the range of classes that ran of an evening to fit around my work schedule.  One of the classes I’ve loved over the last six weeks has been FitSteps.

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Debenhams Mother’s Day Flowers


The lovely folk at Debenhams contacted me last week to remind me that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, like it would be possible to forget with the amount of card shops and gift retailers pushing this annual day down your throat from the middle of February onwards.

Before I go any further Mother’s Day is not about having your kids go out and spend their hard earned pocket money on a mass produced piece of tat.  I’d rather have a hug, spend the day baking cakes, going for a walk in the park and feeding the ducks.  I don’t need much more than this.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to spoil my mum.

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7 Mother’s Day Facts

addison is a bear

There is one day of the year when we have to make an extra special effort for our mums. Regardless of whether you go for an expensive slap-up meal or simply buy a bunch of flowers, every mum around the world appreciates a little bit of extra love and attention on this day.

My mum and I are exceptionally close and even though she pretends Mother’s Day isn’t her thing I love doing something extra special for her each year to remind her just how amazing she is.

As a mum myself I have loved getting home made cards and presents you cannot beat it.

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