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Packing for a family holiday….

Let’s face it packing for your family holiday is stressful.  If your household is anything like mine the onus falls on mum to get the bags ready and ensure that every item is packed and accounted for.  Packing is the boring bit, all you want to do is get on the plane or in the car and get to your destination!

So, in the aim of helping out other time frazzled parents out there here are some of my tips for packing for your family holiday.

Top Packing Tips

  • Plan ahead – taking time a few weeks before to start laying out holiday clothing, sun creams, hats, towels and first aid items can save you valuable hours running around closer to departure.
  • Combat the dread of leaking bottles by packing them inside re-sealable plastic bags.
  • Carry a change of clothes in your hand luggage for you and your little angels for those emergencies!
  • If you are packing snacks for you and your children keep them light and for yourself keep an energy bar handy in case you get delayed.
  • Check the number of bags you are allowed to take; whilst some airlines and holiday companies allow one bag per person if you are travelling with infants who do not have their own seat then you may not get a luggage allowance for them.
  • Keep it lightweight – you will have enough to carry so invest in a sturdy lightweight case to reduce the strain on your tired shoulders.
  • Size is everything – keep in mind how you will get your cases to the airport and your final destination; something large may seem great at the time as you can fit all your kids clothes in one case with your own but you may have difficulty fitting it into a taxi!

The above are just some of the things I put into practice before I travel.  Thankfully, those clever people at Samsonite have put together a video guide, ‘How to Pack for a Family Holiday’ video presented by the ITV presenter and stylist Helen Boyle. The videos have been launched just as Heathrow announced it expects to see 10 million travellers go through its airport in the summer months.  Samsonite have a brilliant range of kids travel luggage available and if your child is old enough giving them their own suitcase can help them to feel part of the holiday experience.

Wherever you are going for your summer break enjoy yourselves and I hope you avoid some of the packing nightmares that I’ve heard about in previous blogs which have until now put me off travelling abroad with Addison!

1 thought on “Packing for a family holiday….

  1. Great Tips here! I never thought to pack a change of clothes for my little ones in hand luggage! Will defo do that from now on. When I am packing for my holidays, being mum I have to pack all the cases so I make sure that I split everyones clothes across all suitcases so if one gets lost on the way we will all have clothes to wear.

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