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Our Review of Bananas in Pyjamas Toys from Golden Bear

We all know the familiar song “Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs”, in fact as a child this song used to scare me as I couldn’t imagine anything more scary than bananas coming to life and chasing people!  However, thankfully the pre-school show for children featuring the very loveable Bananas in Pyjamas B1 and B2 is not scary – in fact it’s rather cool.  Each episode features B1 and B2 and all their friends getting up to antics and finding ways to solve problems for their friends.   The message of the show is to teach children social skills such as friendship, loyalty and responsibility.  Now there is a new range of interactive, imagination and discovery Bananas in Pyjamas toys from Golden Bear.

Roo and I were invited to test the new Bananas in Pyjamas toys from Golden Bear which have been designed to get children having fun through discovery, exploration and development.  There are several pieces of character merchandise available that children can enjoy including the Day and Night Banana buddy which helps children get into a bedtime routine as it has a handy sleep feature to show children how to get into bed and lie down and fall asleep as well as lots of sleepy phrases until he falls asleep.

Bananas in Pyjamas toysWe were lucky enough to be sent the Bananas in Pyjamas Funhouse.  We already have a Peppa Pig Funhouse and this has been a great fun toy that Roo has had a lot of imaginative play with.  I was hoping that the Bananas in Pyjamas Funhouse would be the same, and I wasn’t disappointed.  The funhouse is really cute, and a great way to re-enact the antics of B1 and B2 in their own miniature world. I love the fact that the playhouse folds up and is secured with a sturdy twist clip at the top and when folded out reveals their bedroom complete with two beds and duvets, a downstairs kitchen with table and chairs and a lounge with sofa and arm chair.  Of course there is also a very special musical staircase that plays the famous Bananas in Pyjamas theme tune and provided much amusement when we found the button for the first time (this requires 4 AAA batteries to work).

Roo and I loved the fact this was as easy as pie to put together, no faffing, screwing things together, or clipping in joins – in fact Roo was able to set this up on her own, even the staircase.  She had great fun arranging the house furniture and told me off for putting the beds the wrong way round.

It’s really clever that the duvets off the bed come off and B1 and B2 can get in the beds and sit up (maybe would be nicer if they could like down and sleep) and the figures do actually stay on the furniture unlike other role play character houses we have played with.

So far B1 and B2 have been for tea at Peppa Pig’s house and Peppa Pig has come round for tea with B1 and B2 and had a sleepover (although her princes canopy bed had to go downstairs lol!).  Roo has had some great fun with this toy so far and has in fact packed it in her suitcase today to take to Nanmar’s for her sleepover – the handy thing about it all folding back up is that it is lightweight, compact and easy to take out and about.

Hopefully Golden Bear will reproduced other elements of the B1 and B2 show so that you could create an extended play scene for B1 and B2 to go on adventures in as I think this would be a really nice addition.

The only negative point we have encountered so far in playing with the funhouse is that the stairs are a little bit flimsy and have a tendency to come away from the fixing spot on the side of the house and the rail is a bit wobbly, but other than that it is holding up well to the rigours of a 4 year old playing with it.

The Bananas in Pyjamas Funhouse and rest of the Bananas in Pyjamas Toys range is available from all good toy stores and can be viewed on the Golden Bear website.  The Bananas in Pyjamas Funhouse will retail at around £34.99

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