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Organise A Merry Christmas….

getting organised for ChristmasSorry folks but I’ve had my Christmas head on today as we’re away over the festive period in sunny California visiting my brother.  So that’s led me to trying to be ultra organised this Christmas and how to make sure Roo still feels like she’s had a family Christmas with all the usual trimmings.

Christmas should be a time of joy, happiness and relaxation.  In reality for many mum’s and dad’s it is frenetic, chaotic and pressurised.  We try year after year to come up with something better than last year and the kids are usually on a game of who can make the biggest list which carries financial pressure.


Then there’s the annual ‘competitive Christmas lights outside’ with the neighbours.  In our street this starts towards the end of November and with both of the families next door blessed with DIY savvy husbands and Daddy E being DIY inept I am always on the look out for Christmas lights etc, particularly for outdoors that are literally plug into a socket in the kitchen and away we go!  The last 3 years we’ve been outdone with snowmen, reindeers and beautiful icicle lights and this year even though we’re only home for the weeks before Christmas I am not going to be beaten.

This year in an effort to beat the Christmas stress I have started making lists and ideas of ways to cut back and be organised.

With going away we’ve decided to spend Christmas Day at my mum’s as that way I won’t end up spending a fortune on food at the supermarket, that will remain uneaten languishing in the fridge and therefore hopefully preserve the Christmas paycheck a little longer.  Mum and I will plan a menu in advance and each take a course and cover the cost helping to spread the financial cost and making sure we don’t all overeat and fall asleep by 3pm in the chair.

We will be driving down to Heathrow airport on Christmas Day and taking advantage of the park and stay offers at the onsite hotel saving us over £100 on the exorbitant cost of parking at Heathrow airport, and we have decided this year not to go overboard on presents as there will be enough to buy once we hit LA and start doing Disney, Sea World and Legoland for New Year’s Eve.

As we won’t be home for Christmas there won’t be a tree this year so I’ve already decided to invest in some simple LED fairy lights to wind in some twisted willow that I keep in a vase in the extension.  This will be just as pretty and the great thing about LED lights is that they are more energy-efficient than older-style fairy lights and will continue to glow if one bulb goes out so great for saving a few more pennies on the ever rising utility bills.

For the presents we will be buying I have started making a list of everyone we usually buy for and to keep track of the spending when I have bought or seen something online I have made a note by their name as to the cost and where to get it from.  I am also keeping a track on cashback sites to see if I can get the best deals and rewards online for some of the products rather than braving the crazy high street in the Christmas rush. If you fancy doing this then check out this brilliant online Christmas present planner that is free to download and print.

Ultimately, on Christmas Day I want us all to be sitting down relaxed and enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner and the three of us looking forward to our flight to LA the next day.  My brother emigrated earlier this year and Miss Roo has really missed him.  Christmas this year I am sure will still be Christmas even if we are on the other side of the world with beautiful sunshine as we will still be a family.

Here’s to organising my way to a very merry Christmas!

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1 thought on “Organise A Merry Christmas….

  1. Love this blog!

    My Christmas planning starts in January I’m afraid with a big family to buy for its a must.

    Around Christmas if its not on the calendar it doesn’t get done….it’s our bible!

    I list everything with regards to presents and stockpile throughout the year.

    I have always loved Christmas but just wish there wasn’t so much rushing around!

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