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Online Christmas Shopping

I love online shopping, and lets face it online Christmas shopping when you have kids is an absolute godsend. No dragging screaming children round packed shopping centres, no fighting for parking spaces and no panic buying just to get out the shops and get home. Each year I do more and more of my Christmas shopping online for these very reasons and this year there have been some retailers that have made my online Christmas shopping experience absolutely fantastic.

So this blog post is a big thank you to them, for excellent customer service, for products that I think are really quite cool and a bit quirky and for most importantly delivering on time when they promised they would.

KyNa Boutique – I ordered some Stegosaurus print Ava & Luc pyjamas for Addison for her school nativity. Not only did Jenny at KyNa Boutique take the time to go and check the measurements of the size to see if I needed aged 3 – 4 or 4 – 5 but she was offering complimentary delivery which arrived the very next day beautifully packaged. She also then sent a Christmas card to say thank you for my order. Nice touch.

Colour Me Fun – what kid doesn’t love colouring? I stumbled across Colour Me Fun on twitter one day when they were tweeting. One click to their online shop revealed they made their very own crayons in an amazing variety of designs. I ordered dinosaur ones for Addison and for my other half (cos he’s such a big kid) Lego crayons! The prices were really reasonable, no more than a good quality set of Crayola crayons and they came within a few days each in their own Colour Me Fun bag. These are going to go down a storm on Christmas day.

Polarn O Pyret – I fell in love with this Scandianvian brand of children’s clothing at the Westfield Centre in Derby. The quality is fantastic, the colours bright and vivid and I love the unisex appeal of their pieces. I had recently sold some clothes to a relative and was replacing Addison’s ever growing wardrobe last Friday. The Polarn O Pyret website had stated free delivery for orders placed on Friday 16th December as this was their last posting date for Christmas. Great I thought, until I checked out where I was charged £4.95 for delivery. Slightly ruffled I posted on the Polarn O Pyret facebook page about my displeasure and the next working day I had a lovely email from Claire their Webstore Manager apologising for the P&P offer error and refunding my £4.95. It was really nice to see a company taking the time at this busy period to manage even small customer complaints like this. Big thumbs up guys.

If you’ve been doing your Christmas shopping online this year I would love to hear from you about who’s made your life a bit easier and taken some of the stress out of shopping. Or maybe you’ve got a horror story and want to name and shame. Come on spill the beans…

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