Octonauts Bed Linen Set Review

I don’t do branded character kids clothing, furniture or bed linen as a rule. Usually it’s badly made, tacky to look at and awful fabric. So when the Octonauts bed linen set arrived courtesy of the BBC Shop I was admittedly expecting the usual rubbish.

As a BBC Shop Reviewer I will be posting a series of reviews on their products over the forthcoming months and I hope that you will enjoy reading them.

On opening it from the box Addison was really excited. She enjoys Octonauts and I like the concept behind it (but would like to see some more new episodes please BBC).   For those of you that haven’t been immersed in the underwater world of Octonauts it is brilliant for young toddlers and pre-school children.

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“Explore! – Rescue! – Protect….& Review!“

The Octonauts follows a team of animated adventure heroes who dive into action whenever there is trouble under the sea. In a fleet of aquatic vehicles, they rescue amazing sea creatures, explore incredible new underwater worlds, and often save the day before returning safely to their home base, the Octopod.

Even through the packaging of the duvet set the colours were bright on inspection the printing really nicely done and the cotton of a good mix. As with all duvets I put it through the washing machine first to take some of the starch out of it.

I washed it on a 30 degree quick cotton wash cycle using Persil non-bio and added in my crease care option to reduce ironing (lazy mum!). I put in with it some t-shirts of Addison’s that were for nursery and that I was happy to test the colour fastness of the print on.

Forty-five minutes later I removed the duvet from the machine and the colour hadn’t run at all into any of the light colours in the wash. Once the Octonauts duvet set was dry it needed very little ironing but what did need ironing wasn’t hard to press and it was a relief not to have to turn it inside out to iron it for fear of taking any transfer off.

I put it onto Addison’s bed and it looked great. I love the fact that the Octonaut duvet cover is reversible. On the front it has the main characters Captain Barnacle, Peso etc and on the reverse the various Octonaut ships. The pillowcase has the ship design on both sides.

The colours are bright and really sit well against a neutral colour setting but would look equally good in a totally ocean themed bedroom.

Once washed and some of the starch had come out of the duvet set it was softer to the touch than previous character sets I have looked at in the shops and the cotton isn’t thin, see through and grainy like poor poly cotton mixes of some other character duvet sets.

When Addison came home from her nan’s the day I put it on she walked into her room and I could hear her upstairs going “wow! Octonauts this room is so cool – thank you mummy!” so I think she’s given it the big thumbs up.

The Octonauts duvet set is now proudly on Addison’s bed and apparently it’s also super comfy!  Perfect for those little underwater adventurers in your house.  Keep a look out on the official BBC Shop for the duvet set where you will also find the Octonauts toy and DVD range.

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