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I’ve fallen in love, with a Nook HD

I love books, always have.  I can immerse myself in a good book for hours – or could until Miss Roo came along.   Now I snatch a few minutes every night and disappear off into whatever novel I am reading. The thought of reading on an e-reader hadn’t been something I thought I would enjoy but when I was offered the chance to try a Nook HD tablet from the amazing team at Barnes & Noble I was eager to give it a go.

Nook HD 7" tabletThe Nook HD comes in two sizes a 7″ and a 9″, I have been sent the 7″ and will be sent the 9″ in the New Year when some further fine tuning has been done to the operating system.  The Nook HD is more than just an e-reader.  At first glance it looks and feels like an iPad or Nexus 7 and it can do so much more than a standard ebook.  Through it you and your entire family can discover a whole world of content, from books, movies, apps and more.  It feels fantastic to touch and hold thanks to it’s synthetic covering that has been designed to be a joy to hold – and it is, I sat and held mine for 2 hours the other night reading quite contentedly and browsing the web.

The Nook HD has an Android operating system and is 20% lighter than the current iPad ranges (except the iPad mini), backed by one of the largest US bookstores Barnes & Noble the amount of content at your fingertips is immense and delivered seamlessly in a few taps.

The touch screen is responsive and beautiful to look at thanks to glorious HD detail in full colour; reading an issue of Marie Claire was just like having it in front of me in full colour.

Browsing the web was a breeze thanks to it’s speedy dual-core processor and a superior multi-tab browser for swift web surfing and interaction.  I was able to surf all my favourite sites in mobile and full web version and shop online safely and quickly.

Plus with 8 GB of built-in storage you can store plenty of media content and even extend your memory thanks to a microSD card slot.  The big plus point for me is that  all, your purchases are all stored for free on the NOOK cloud service.

Unlike it’s rivals the Nook HD allows you create multiple profiles and choose what those profiles can or cannot have access to.  I have created a profile for me and a profile for Miss Roo.  I’ve been able to lock down the internet, block inappropriate content, only allow her to see books for her age range and interests (pre-set by me) and also only have access to apps for her age range so no zombie style shoot em ups being downloaded without my knowledge.

She can’t buy anything without my passwords and it is great knowing I can allow her to use the Nook HD and she’s safe and not being subjected to things I don’t want her to see yet.  In total you can create up to 6 profiles.

She sat the other day for 40 minutes happily reading the range of Peppa Pig books on far I’ve downloaded a lot of content (thank you Barnes & Noble for letting me have free reign on this) including recipe books, diet books and some new books that I would never have bought in paperback as I rarely get to a bookstore.  Everything gets put into my library and I can easily swipe to a new book and swap from one to the other quickly and seamlessly.

And if that wasn’t enough the Nook HD even comes with email and calendar syncing so that you can keep a close eye on your communications and schedule anything important on the go.

The clever NOOK HD scrapbook feature lets you save pages from magazines and catalogues in one spot, so you can come back and view them later, when you get those precious ‘me’ moments after the kids have gone to bed.

With its thin and light form making it easy to carry and a 10.5-hour battery life keeping you and the kids entertained on long journeys will be an absolute breeze with the Nook HD.  With over 3 million books at your fingertips, no annoying adverts and safe content personalised for you and your family I think this is a fantastic tablet and a real alternative to much pricier lesser specced competitors.  Prices seem to start online from about £180 which makes this a very reasonably priced tablet that the entire family can enjoy.

I already love the 7″ version of the Nook HD, Roo has also started to claim it for her own as you can see below! I think when the 9″ version arrives in the New Year mummy is hiding it.


Disclaimer: for the purpose of this review I was sent a Nook HD from Barnes & Noble.  No other form of payment has been received.  The views expressed in this post are my own and content cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me 


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