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New Home New Goodies

the homewares companyI am ever so excited, why you might ask?  Well because tomorrow I sign the lease on the little quirky coach-house that is going to be home to myself and Roo for a bit.  This is a huge step in the next part of our journey and a big step for me as a single parent as I’ve never had my ”own” place before, technically I’ve shared a house for years with Roo’s dad.

I would always run the household side of things, the bills, the cleaning the cooking and buying new things when we needed them. I liken myself to Nigella or Kirsty but without their gorgeous sense of style..unless you catch me on a morning where I have oodles of time to get ready that is!

So when I found out that I had passed all the checks for our little place I immediately set about playing house and scouring the internet for some new garden and home wares and cute things to adorn my work surfaces.

I got slightly carried away adding new knives, chopping boards, storage jars and bread bins but I want everything to be new and shiny and I have my heart set on a certain colour scheme to match my rather funky black and red kitchen.

Roll on Friday when I pick up the keys and can move all my goodies in and play ‘house’ for real!  Anyone for cake?

metal cake tins the homewares company

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