New Boots for Autumn

kids clarks bootsEvery year I buy myself a new pair of boots, it’s been a religion for as long as I can remember.  In my youth when I was skinnier and didn’t have dodgy knees my favourite pair were a skyscraper pair of knee length patent platform boots that I used to dance for hours in whilst parading around Birmingham’s night clubs famous podiums – yes I spent most of my youth as a GoGo dancer and Saturday night’s were never dull.

Now though my boots are flatter and more demure and suitable for legging it at 3:20pm when I realise I’ve forgotten about the school pick up!  That said I bought myself a pair of skin tight over the knee boots last year and these have been brilliant and always get commented on when I wear them out as I did today on the school run.

And it seems that flat boots are big again this winter for the high street is literally flooded with biker boots and equestrian style riding boots – that has however not stopped me looking in earnest for a new pair as I have some birthday pennies to spend and spend them I shall.  It’s not just me though that’s getting new boots for the winter this year I am also on the hunt for some new kids boots for Miss Roo.  After all my little fashionista is expressing her individuality more and more lately and she needs to be able to rock her wardrobe for all her social calendar appointments.


I’d love to get her some patent Dr Martens but the last pair of hard boots she had unfortunately cut her ankles and she’s been a bit reluctant to have some more; she had some gorgeous suede and fur ones last year but as any sensible parent knows kids, winter and suede boots are not the best purchasing choice and they are looking a little bedraggled now.  Being more practical this year and hopefully following in the footsteps of her stylish mummy (on the days when I find some piece of clothing that isn’t covered in food stains from last night) I have fallen in love with these gorgeous equestrian style kids boots that are absolutely perfect for walks in the woods and wearing with her skirts and chunky knit tights.


I love the fact that with Clarks I can order online knowing that the size I order will fit her as their sizing between styles doesn’t really vary and the handy zip and button fastening will make them easy for Roo to get on and off herself.  The only dilemma now is actually getting her to a shoe shop to try them on as if I go to my local store I can use my loyalty card and save 10% off the purchase which is worth making that journey out for.

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