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Sponsored Video: Natwest Pigs By Kids Competition

It was a blast from the past this month when I saw the Natwest Pigs By Kids competition details on the Natwest bank website, I had a full set of the little cheeky china original piggy banks (curse my parents for throwing them out and branding them as ‘no longer required’) and so it was really a trip down memory lane to see these iconic figures being resurrected with a rather cool competition.

design the next Natwest pigsThe competition runs for another 5 days and there’s still time for you to get creative at home and enter.  Children up to the age 13 are being invited to design the next Natwest piggy bank in the competition and submit their designs online.  Approved piggies are posted in the Natwest Pigs by Kids competition gallery and kids get a personalised certificate.

Plus, Harry Potter illustrator Cliff Wright will present three shortlisted children with a finished design of their creations. Then the winning design – the one with the most votes – will become the new face of NatWest savings and turned into a real piggy bank.

Join in the Natwest Pigs by Kids Competition

If you need some ideas for Natwest pig then check out the video below for inspiration, after all it’s not every day you get to create a pig!

You can go wild with your imagination and draw, make, sculpt or make a model of your Natwest pig design.  To enter you simply register online, choose a name for your pig, upload your idea and a story to go with it and press enter!  As you can only enter up till 11th November I suggest entering online as the post seems a bit hit and miss right now.

This sounds like one of those projects that many parents will love joining in with their kids and creating lots of new memories of what will no doubt turn into future works of art just like the Natwest Pigs predecessors did.  Maybe parents should start getting their kids autographs now!

The competition is open to children aged 13 & younger and entries must be received by 12pm on 11th November 2012. The winning design will become the new NatWest pig. Terms and conditions apply so make sure you read them.

Good luck!


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