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Natural Eczema Treatment Cream

I don’t class myself as an eczema sufferer, I tend to get flare ups that are usually triggered by stress or bad health in my case. I can pretty much guarantee if I am run down and feeling under the weather that my eczema will show on my hands and they can be red raw, itchy, dry and painful for weeks.

I’d tried all the usual eczema treatment creams, emollients, reduced all the chemicals in the house and used a lot of natural cleaning products in the past so as not to irritate the skin further. I’d taken latex out of my rubber gloves as this proved to be an irritant when I was suffering and have lost count of the amount of money I’ve spent on ‘wonder creams’ that claim to cure eczema and ease the pain and itching. None of them have ever really worked, and generally all they do is mask the symptoms for a few hours.

Anyone who suffers with eczema will know it’s not just painful, it can be embarrassing too if the eczema is in a prominent place. I’ve always taken pride in my appearance and when my hands are at their worst the skin is all flaking and bleeding and it isn’t at all attractive when meeting people. So it becomes a vicious cycle and can have a knock on effect of sparking days of depression and low self-esteem.

natural organic eczema creamsRecently though I was sent some natural eczema treatment cream from Everything from Eczema who are an online company specialising in producing clothing and products to help ease the itching and scratching of eczema. Their clothing range is geared with babies and children in mind and they have a whole range of scratch mitts, towels, baby clothing and bath products that aim to make living with eczema easier for adults and children.

Everything for Eczema was created after mum and business owner Gail Palmer was fed up of finding her daughter Tallulah in constant pain and distress from over the counter commercial treatments.  At Everything For Eczema Gail has brought together a brilliant range of products under one roof, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for things that will help your child.  From effective natural creams to eczema pyjamas with mittens and a brand new eczema clothing range, you are sure that you will find something here to help make your child more comfortable.

I was sent their chickweed and calendula hand cream to try. This cream has been formulated especially to help with eczema, chaffing, sore red skin patches and sensitive skin. For some it works and for others it just soothes , but it is made with all the best ingredients to do especially this. The tub is a really good size. I am about a quarter of the way in. I love the texture of it too; unlike heavy and greasy emollient based creams it doesn’t leave a film over my hands it is absorbed into the skin and my hands feel nourished and instantly calmer when applying. Usually within an hour of applying the cream my hands are less angry and sore and when used overnight in my gloves the next morning my skin is hugely improved with cracked skin no longer dry and flaky and redness reduced.

Because emollients are full of preservatives these can actually cause eczema sufferers more problems as they often trigger allergies and thus make the cycle of itching and scratching worse.

I can honestly say that the chickweed and calendula cream from Everything for Eczema has really helped me to control and manage my eczema much better than other eczema creams I have tried in the past. The cream is reasonably priced at £12.50 and contains only natural ingredients: Chickweed *macerated in sunflower oil *, Calendula * macerated in sunflower oil *, Aloe vera *, virgin welsh beeswax, * = organic ingredients.

The cream can be bought directly through the Everything for Eczema website and you can also follow them on twitter and facebook for all the latest news and health advice around eczema.

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