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My Pocket Buddy Hand Sanitiser Perfect for Grubby Hands on the Go

Let’s face it with kids they undoubtedly get mucky, and when you’re out and about there’s a million germs on seats, railings and tables that they can pick up.  It doesn’t bear thinking about the number of things that kids touch and put in their mouths – if you thought about it too long you would probably wrap your child in a bubble and never let them out in public.  Thankfully, though there are hand sanitiser products that make keeping grubby hands clean and germ free an absolute doddle.  One of these is the My Pocket Buddy Hand Sanitiser.

travel hand sanitiserWe were sent a My Pocket Buddy Hand Sanitiser to review and what I immediately liked about it was that it was alcohol-free and a natural product.  The pen that we got sent is a great size and not only fits in my jacket for the school run but is also good for putting in my handbag when out and about and also trouser pockets as it is small and lightweight.

The My Pocket Buddy  hand sanitiser is a bit different to others on the market in that the product contains no synthetic chemical nasties and is alcohol, allergen, fragrance and paraben free.  For me this was brilliant as I have used alcohol based hand sanitiser gels in the past and they have stripped my skin and caused break outs of eczema and uncomfortable itching.

I didn’t experience this at all with the My Pocket Buddy pen and the spray unlike gels is quick drying and not sticky to the touch – Roo in particular hates anything sticky on her hands so there is no way she would have used this if it had been a gel based product but because it is a pump action spray she’s wanted to use it every day after school and when we’ve been out and the toilets have yet again be utterly grim.  The spray is virtually fragrance free and as it’s like a fine mist, not oily at all, it absorbs into your hands within seconds without leaving any residue. One spray per hand is ideal and with 75+ sprays per Pocket Buddy it will last quite some time!

Since we received the pen it’s been used pretty much every day and I love the fact that the size is portable enough to carry around.  There are a number of other products also in the opure range such as a 50ml foaming hand sanitising – so great for camping, travelling or popping into changing bags and I am very much looking forward to being able to buy the 500ml desktop foaming sanitiser for use around the house as our current hand gels have been irritating me and I haven’t found a solution yet.

The My Pocket Buddy hand sanitiser is available from the opure website and in our opinion is a brilliant on-the-go hand sanitiser that has been scientifically formulated to kill 99.99% of germs, whilst importantly still being kind to your hands

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