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My New Career as Mrs Whippy!

It might not seem like it right now but I have to convince myself that this year we will have a good British summer and be able to play outdoors and eat ice cream.  After all it’s the little things that get you through these cold winter months and make them bearable when it’s -10 outside!  In the hope that we will get a summer I’ve treated myself to a new kitchen gadget from John Lewis this week, an ice cream maker to make some gorgeous home made ice cream for me and Miss Roo.

My mum had an ice-cream maker when I was little and I used to love being able to make fresh ice cream with her and it always tasted so delicious.  I read a couple of reviews online and I knew that I didn’t want to spend more than £50 on it, there were some products I found that were over £200 and I can’t imagine what on earth justifies this price tag but the Magimix ice cream maker seemed to keep coming up on various review sites and forums and I really liked the fact that this model could make up to 2 litres of ice cream or frozen desert in less than half an hour and even comes with a little recipe book to get you started!

Of course I’ve then lost nearly two hours of my life on Pinterest looking at homemade ice-cream recipes and inspiration and loads of beautiful images just like the one in this blog, which makes me want to lick my iMac screen and think of drifting around a warm pool somewhere in the sunshine instead of standing freezing my backside off in the school playground!

I can’t wait for my ice cream maker to arrive, it should be in store for me to collect this weekend – no doubt Miss Roo will act as a very willing tester for all the concoctions we will create. You never know I might even put a tinkly bell on the car and start driving round the village as Mrs Whippy at school time.

Source: dotcomsformoms.com via Kiana on Pinterest



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