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My Mummy Wish List….

your mummy wish listIt’s funny as you get older your ‘wish list’ changes.

Years ago if you’d asked me what the things I can’t live without are I’d have said a Mulberry handbag, a pair of Miu Miu shoes and a Vivienne Westwood dress.   Well 10 years of marriage, 5 years as a parent and a lot more grey hairs changes your wish list and now the things I can’t live without are a lot different.

For one, I now love domestic gadgets.  I literally hyperventilate when adverts for washing machines come on the television and the fact that I find adverts for new hoovers incredibly sexy and I rush to look up the features may be somewhat worrying.  I can’t help it though these are the gadgets that I’d love in my house to make my life as a trainee domestic goddess easier and I am sure the likes of Kirsty Allsopp and Nigella Lawson do the same.


Then there’s the fashion wish list.  Seriously, most mum’s would still hanker after the odd designer item, but doing the school run in a pair of Miu Miu shoes isn’t practical or possible for many of us on our part time salaries.  However now my shoes are from the high street, often under £20 and much more practical than I ever imagined.  I find myself staring longingly at this season’s high heels in the windows of shops at the local shopping centre, dreaming of tottering around Sainsbury’s for the weekly shop and then reality sets in and you realise that legging it down aisle 14 in 4 inch heels after a 5 year old spells disaster.

Some of the items on my wish list may seem selfish, but, as fellow parents I think most of you will nod your head in agreement to them:-

  • A solid 10 hours sleep
  • Being able to drink a hot cup of tea
  • Being allowed to eat a slice of cake to yourself without thieving small fingers
  • Getting to go to the toilet in peace without it turning into a viewing show
  • Taking a long bath without a plethora of bath toys or continuous interruptions

Then there’s the unselfish things on the list that I ask for every day, for Daddy E and Miss Roo to be kept safe, for our little family to keep on going and for most of all for us to just be happy.  Sometimes it’s not the material things in life that define happiness it’s the people you surround yourself.

Do you have a wish list and if so what’s on it?


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