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The gorgeous ChelseaMamma & MummyGlitzer have again tagged me in a post – anyone would think we spend all day blogging and tweeting :p This time to reveal the first five songs that come up when my iPod is on shuffle.

First up takes me back to my heady days dancing on podiums in clothes that left little to the imagination; this was one of my favourites whilst on holiday with my girls in Zante

Rui da Silva – Touch Me (feat. Cassandra)

White Diamonds – Friendly Fires

I first heard the Friendly Fires singing Skeleton Boy on Glastonbury Live last year….I don’t do concerts in fields so always watch at home. I immediately downloaded their entire album and it’s regularly a most played on the iPod. Still want to see them live.

Janelle Monae – Faster

This woman blew me away when I heard this song. It is so catch and has me running round the room like a mad woman when I hear it. Go on tap your feet you cannot resist. She has amazing energy.

Basement Jaxx – Red Alert

I love Basement Jaxx. I’ve seen them three times live at tiny venues and they are purely awesome. An iconic dance band and this is one of their best early hits. Their live shows are truly awesome and this is one of the funniest videos they did.

David Morales – Need In You

I love singing this song whilst driving hubby’s car and singing really really loud. It’s such a feel good song and another dance floor classic from the days of Bobbi Browns in Birmingham. This was the song that was playing so loud on our first girly holiday to Tenerife that the manager actually came and took our boom box away! Whistles at the ready…..

So as you can see I am a bit of a dance monkey and still today love some of the new style dance music and dubstep that is being produced. I tag my fellow bloggers to embarras themselves with their iPod shuffle confessions @lovelyleosmummy @KyNaBoutique @emmalporter

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