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My 2011 Highs and Lows

I’ve been tagged by the wonderful @mummyglitzer who is one of the many bloggers who I love tweeting with & sharing crazy stories of parenting and our little ones.  I love being a mummy blogger as not only do I meet some amazing people it’s a fantastic way for me to offload with the problems of being a parent and working mum.  Here’s my 2011 highs and lows and a tribute to other mummy bloggers out there.

1. What was your happiest event?

Finally working out what I wanted to do with my life now that I had become a mum.  Since the birth of my daughter I had been running my own business and it had gradually begun to take up more and more of my time taking me away from Roo and also invading my house.  The sudden realisation that I loved working with children and that I could re-train as a teaching assistant has been a blow of fresh air to me and kept me smiling through the back end of 2011.

2. What was the saddest thing that happened?

Not getting to see my brother as much now he’s moved to London.  We’ve always been a close family and it feels strange to have him married and starting a new life in London with his lovely wife.  Roo misses “Pirate Ed” and asks about him a lot and it just means that we have to make those times when he does come home family occasions and thank goodness for facebook so I can keep track of what he’s up to and still tell him off.

3. What was the most unlikely thing that happened that you actually went and did?

After three years of building up a very successful business with a good reputation I decided to walk away from it all.   It was no longer providing me with the enjoyment and financial rewards I had wanted for the family and just seemed to be a constant thorn in my side.  A lot of people thought I was absolutely crazy for doing this.

4. Who let you down?

In the grand scheme of things no one – I am lucky in that my family are always there for me.

5. Who supported you?

My husband, whilst it might be corny and predictable he’s always been the one to convince me that I am good at what I do and that I’ve made the right choice.  He rarely rains on my parade and I hope he knows how lucky I feel to be with him even through our bad times.

6. Tell us one thing you have learned.

No matter how well you think you know someone you cannot trust anyone.  People are always out to get one over on you even if they don’t say they are.  The only person who is ever honest to you is your child.

7. Tell us one thing that made you laugh.

Watching Roo learn new things like dancing and handstands; she comes up with the most random things to talk about about and her chuntering never ceases to bring a smile to my face.  That and my cat doing a poo in the bath when she couldn’t find her litter tray!

8. Tell us one thing that made you cry.

Hearing from my friend when she told me that her first round of IVF had worked and she was going to be a mummy too!

9. Tell us three things your child did to make you proud.

Roo sleeping in a full size single bed for the first time and even staying in when we took her bed bar off.  Watching Roo in her first play The Night Before Christmas – even though it was chaotic she was a cute girl in pyjamas.  Lastly, just being the individual personality she is – every day I find something new about her and I am proud of the well rounded little girl she is becoming.

10. Tell us one thing that made you proud of yourself.

Committing myself to train as a higher level teaching assistant.

11. Tell us one challenge you overcame.

I’m going to cheat and pass on this as I cannot think of anything!

12. Tell us three things you would like to change about your life from 2011.

Complete my TA course & find a job as a teaching assistant; with the help of my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod and my Slimavite plan get down to a size 14 again.

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1 thought on “My 2011 Highs and Lows

  1. Aww what lovely things you said about me, thank you. You are pretty awesome yourself honey. What a great post, I am sorry to hear you feel you can’t trust anyone except your child, that is quite sad, I am sorry people have made you feel this way. Way to go on re-training to become a teaching assistant that is awesome and good luck with everything else. Hugs xx

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