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Moving into a new house – a fresh start

guest blog postMoving home can be an exciting time for any family. Whether you’re buying your first house or moving to a bigger place, getting into your new home can feel like a chance to make a fresh start and the beginning of a better lifestyle for everyone.

However, if you bring your old troubles, habits and problems with you, there is no doubt that you’ll end up feeling no different to how you did in your old home. Here are some top tips for making a truly fresh start.

Declutter before you leave!

Packing up your old home gives you an excellent opportunity to have a good clear out, and to only take with you those things you really want or need. If you haven’t used something for a few months or even years, consider selling or donating it to give yourself more space in your new home.

Clean it up

Before you start unpacking, have a good clean around your new home. Although the previous owners or tenants will probably have cleaned to some degree, there is nothing like some of your own tried and tested elbow grease to make a place seem more habitable. Don’t forget the oven, as the last thing you need when you cook your first meal is to fill the house with smoke!

Organise and order

Unpacking in a new house brings with it a new set of challenges. Storing things like books, DVDs and clothes might not work quite the same as it did in your own home, so try and leave some space in your budget for some new shelving or cupboards if you need them.


One of the most important parts of moving in is to make your new home feel like your own. Before you unpack everything, have a look and see if the décor is something you can really live with, because it will be a lot easier to redecorate with most of your belongings in boxes than it will be later down the line. If you don’t mind the wall colour, a lick of gloss around the skirting boards and door frames can make a world of difference in a snap.

Style it up

Now you’re happy with the canvas you have to work with, it’s time to put your personal stamp on things. Style your home with the things you already have and love, but be prepared to invest a bit to get the look just right. Covering your old bedding sets with new bedspreads, or placing colourful throws over your old sofa are all inexpensive ways to brighten up and add style to your new pad.


Now you’ve made your home comfortable, it’s time to put out the welcome mat! Get your old friends around, extend an invitation to your new neighbours too and celebrate your fresh start in style!


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