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Mother Knows Best

ShopitizeIt’s a true saying and as a child one that annoys you when you’re own mother continually reminds you of this very fact. I love the fact that Disney cleverly bought this classic phrase to live in their hit movie Rapunzel and I love singing this song to Roo when we watch the film together.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and never has there been a day more apt to utter the words ‘Mother Knows Best’ and it seems that what we know has a habit of rubbing off onto our daughters as Shopitize found out in a recent survey of Brits and how their mums had influenced their lives.

Passing on the knowledge….

  • Three quarters (75 per cent) of Brits’ shopping habits influenced by their mums
  • Two thirds (64 per cent) regularly cook recipes handed down from their mums
  • Shopitize is asking its users to share favourite family recipes

When it comes to UK shopping habits it seems mum knows best, with 75 per cent of Brits admitting they buy the same brands as their mother, according to a recent survey by independent shopping app, Shopitize.

UK shoppers are most likely to buy the same brand of butter as their mum, with almost a quarter (23 per cent) of those surveyed sticking to their mum’s favourite spread.  Nearly one in five (17 per cent) choose the same trusted washing powder as their mum, while 15 per cent seek to replicate their mum’s signature cuppa by buying the same brand of tea bags.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, the study found that consumers never stray far from their mum’s apron strings in the supermarket.  Over a third of respondents (37 per cent) buy the same brands as their mum as they know they like the product, whilst three in ten (30 per cent) say it’s because they trust their mum’s judgment and advice.

Almost a quarter of respondents (23 per cent) said familiarity with brands was the reason for copying mum’s shopping basket, while one in ten (10 per cent) lazy shoppers stuck to their mum’s favourite products to save time researching other brands.

The ‘mum factor’ also extends to the kitchen, with almost two thirds (64 per cent) of those surveyed saying they regularly cooked recipes handed down from their mothers. The traditional roast dinner was the most common (52 per cent) recipe inherited from mums, followed by a hearty steak and ale pie (36 per cent). Some of the top shared family recipes on the Shopitize Facebook page include, indulgent Mars bar cupcakes, lazy spaghetti carbonara and spicy roast potatoes.

To celebrate the family recipes handed down this Mother’s Day, Shopitize is asking people to send in their best recipes passed on from their Mum to @Shopitize or on the Shopitize Facebook page using the hashtag #shopitizemums.

To download the Shopitize app and save money of your weekly supermarket shop, visit the app store or Google Play

So go on what did your mother teach you?  Mine, she taught me that a woman should always go out wearing fabulous underwear, after all you wouldn’t want to end up in A&E in your Bridget Jones pants!


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