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Moosicology Review A Learning At Home Music Programme

I love blogging, it gives me a creative outlet to rant away when the other half has stopped listening (frequently) and allows me to take a look at brilliant products for kids and educational tools.  One of these educational tools that I recently got to take a look at was something called Moosicology.  Had it not been for my blog I probably would never have discovered Moosicology or learned how it is a brilliant learning programme to get kids into music.

Let’s assume that like me you haven’t heard of Moosicology.  This is how it works.  Moosicology is the first and only home education music package designed to teach children (aged 0-7) real music skills such as rhythm, melody, listening and music reading.  All of these skills have been scientifically shown to improve intelligence, literacy and boost IQ, as well as help children develop better mathematic skills and improve emotional and social well being.

The description had me hooked, I loved music as a kid and had a piano, but once I started down complicated lessons I wished it could have been less structured and more about fun. I would love Roo to develop the same love as music as me and this sounds like a great way to get her learning without actually realising it.

The Moosicology package is laid out beautifully, colourful illustrations and the package includes two CD’s containing 64 educational tracks (32 songs, 16 stories, 16 activation tracks).  You also receive a book which contains all of the lyrics to the songs and words to the stories as well as useful pictures to explain about types of notes and different tempos.

There is also a parent’s guide book that enables you to provide guidance and support, useful tips and ideas of musical games to play (I liked this a lot as this became an activity that Roo and I could do together).

The course takes children on a journey of music; covering all the important elements such as note values, time signatures, scales and chord structures and scales in a very clever way without them realising that they are learning (for younger children this is great as often mention the word learning and they will switch off).  It does this through four separate and distinct phases:

  1. A story which dramatizes the musical concept – getting your child to think about it
  2. A song which demonstrates the concept
  3. An activation track defines the concept on it’s own and compares it to another concept, allowing children to learn the difference
  4. A 2nd song is a “jingle” describing the concept helping children to understand and easily remember it.

Liisa Henrickson is the mumpreneur and creator behind Moosicology and she is a classically trained pianist but also a mother to a 5 year old soon.  Like many parents she noticed her son loved music from an early age and whilst many baby singing groups are great for fun and meeting other mum’s and their kids they don’t actually teach the theory behind the music itself.  Music lessons themselves are expensive and often for children who already have a grasp of the basics and want to go further and so Liisa saw a gap in the market to create a home package that was not only fun but also taught children the principles of music theory.

Here Liisa explains a bit more behind the concept of Moosicology and why there are so many benefits to learning music theory in this way.

Roo herself music and has expressed an interest to start dance class next year at school.  I can easily see how listening to the Moosicology programme could help her understand the different types of music and rhythms that she will begin to learn.  The songs on the CD itself are great fun just to sing along to and one of our favourites is Sleep Well My Little Bird; we have in fact put the CD onto the music player in the car so that we can even take it with us when out and about for a sing along.

Moosicology costs £67 and is available to buy direct from www.moosicology.com and here you can also find out more information on the science and method behind Moosicology as well as reviews from other parents and professors.

Disclaimer: for the purpose of this review we were sent a copy of the Moosicology programme to review and try out at home.

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