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Moneysupermarket Big Night In

moneysupermarket big night in - uk mummy bloggerI”m a bit behind on my posts but have finally got round to posting about our Moneysupermarket Big Night In that we had at home recently for my brother’s going away party as he’s emigrated to Los Angeles.
Money Supermarket got in touch with me & asked if I’d like to take part in a little competition they have going on where you have to have a ‘big night in’ for under 50 squids! (if you want to read a little more about it you can here>).  Knowing that my brother was going away this was the perfect excuse to get all the family together for a send off instead of going out (which quite frankly right now with the 4 year old from hell was a lot more preferable).
As you can see from the pictures we decided to have a American themed night – somewhat appropriate given the destination and we cooked gorgeous BBQ food as the weather was great, glazed baby back ribs, juicy corn on the cobs, mounds of creamy coleslaw, hot & spicy prawns and of course a big send of cake in the form of a pirate ship (as my brother is affectionately known as Pirate Ed, he used to live by the Thames you see, so it’s not a reference to the fact he sails the high seas and steals and plunders).
Between reminiscing about ‘family moments’, saying our goodbyes and all getting a bit teary eyed we had a great family night in and the cooking was far superiod to anything in the local vicinity.  All in all we had a brilliant & money savvy night, thank you Money Supermarket! Staying in definitely beats going out!
What do you think of our big night in? Do you prefer staying in or going out for family celebrations? What would be your perfect night in? 🙂

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