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Gobstopper Sweets Review

Remember when we were kids and you used to love going to the corner shop.  The one who had jar upon jar of brightly coloured sweets stacked tightly on shelves.  These shops were like Aladdin’s Cave, full of things you were only allowed if you were very good or were given tuck shop money for school.  Choosing a quarter of sweets was something that took military planning.  How could you maximise your bag so you got the most bang for your buck and you always wondered whether those jawbreaker gobstoppers were as hard as they looked.

I love retro sweets and so does Daddy E, still to this day we love it when we find an old newsagent where we can buy a bag of sweets that make us hanker back to being kids and sitting with your ripped paper bag on the wall swapping your mix with your mates.  The sweets then were so much better than the kids sweets today and so when we were asked to review a fantastic selection of retro sweets from The Gob Stopper I knew this was a review for Daddy E to go wild on.

The Gob Stopper Retro Sweets

The Gob Stopper website is like being unleashed on Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

A plethora of choice awaits you and the biggest challenge is to stop salivating over your mouse and actually pick your jar size and the sweets to go in it! We opted for the small jar and Daddy E chose his sweets.  A small kilner jar (about 0.5 litres) costs £9.99 and would make a fabulous birthday present for those ‘grown ups’ who haven’t yet grown up and love to reminisce.  You can view all the retro sweets by type so best to sit down and take your time as there is a hell of a lot to choose from.  Daddy E chose something for each of us; spearmint chews for him, Refreshers for Miss Roo and liquorice for mummy (it always reminds me of Roald Dahl stories).


The jar arrived beautifully labelled and packed full of our sweets.  I loved the whimsical look of the label with it’s vintage styling and fairground appeal and you could imagine lots of these for a great 40th birthday party as gifts for your guests.  Needless to say that once the jar of sweets was opened it didn’t last long!  Despite my best efforts to hide them from the gang they were gleefully devoured and thoroughly delicious.

I love the fact that whether you’re a chocoholic seeking out a delicious fix or a fan of those super sour cola bottles The Gob Stopper site literally has every retro sweet you can think of and some classics you had probably forgotten! From hard-boiled retro sweets to soft and chewy old fashioned confectionery, traditional sweets of sugary sherbet to sugar-free candy, the drop down categories make searching for your desired sweets deliciously simple.


This is a review post. We were asked to choose a pick and mix jar of our choice for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and this post cannot be reproduced without prior permission.

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