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A little while back Addison had decided that a necessary addition to her toy box was a scooter. Thanks to the boy on the Robinson’s Fruit Shoot advert scooting across an obstacle course she could apparently “do that too”. So after much deliberation and looking at the cheap branded alternatives in the usual toy retailers we looked online at the very stylish and substantial Micro Scooters.

The website was great to navigate with lots of advice, safety tips and video content to assist in purchasing the right item. The fact that the Micro Scooters website sold also the safety helmets and additional pads was a bonus as it meant that everything Addison needed would arrive together and there would be no delay in getting her wheeling around! We plumped for a limited edition scooter as the colours were great and a real change on the stereotypical pink for girls and blue for boys scooters we had seen. There was a choice of express delivery or standard and we opted for the express delivery so that it would arrive for the weekend.

What was brilliant from the website was that it was obvious what made the scooters superior to others on the market; thanks to their three wheeled design they were better to handle, a smoother ride than other scooters and also have a nice wide platform to stand on, which because is low to the ground is great for when anyone thinks they are going to fall off!

The scooter was easy and quick to assemble, even for me! The frame was well made, sturdy and very light. The fact that parts could be easily replaced if they become damaged was a bonus as this meant the product was something that wasn’t going to get binned if a wheel fell off!

The first time Addison tried the scooter was indoors. We have a long solid oak hallway and this provided a good base for her to get her balance on. She thought it was brilliant, within a few moments she had worked out which leg she preferred to scoot on. After a few more trips up and down and round the lounge and through the kitchen and mum’s washing she worked out that by leaning on the handles, rather than traditionally turning the steering pole, the scooter would lean left or right.

Two months on she can do some amazing twists around the house and has no quibbles about wearing her safety hat or pads when going out to the park or at the grandparents.

There are safety rules that come that come with the scooters which give the basic rules of what you should and shouldn’t do. You should wear protective head gear and pads, you shouldn’t ride on the scooters when the ground is wet, you should read the manual (or at least a responsible adult should) you shouldn’t ride bare footed all common sense but it is good to see a toy retailer taking the time to produce something so comprehensive and in a fun format.

The scooter has so far been with us to Cornwall and Scotland and trips out shopping, I can see it being a well loved toy and definitely worth the extra money over the usual metal scooters from other retailers. I will get a video online of Addison showing off her skills and the scooter shortly.

The Micro Scooter can be purchased online from Micro Scooters and range in price from £49.95 up to £92.95.  The website has a selection of new products, safety items and special offers so well worth a look.

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  1. Yeah, these scooters are so amazing and kids on them are looking like an angels. I definitely buy it for my baby and I am sure he like it. Helmets on kids are also looking very beautiful.

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  2. HI, there!!! I have been looking for micro scooter but the prices seem a little higher than 4 month ago. But you know no matter how costly a micro scooter is. I am going to buy it for my only son. Thanks for the information.

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