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Mega Bloks Skylanders Arkeyan Copter Attack

Skylanders are still one of the hot toys of the last year.  Ever since we bought Roo the first game and her Skylanders starter set she’s been pretty much hooked on the concept.  If the Skylanders aren’t in action on the portal you can usually find them involved in some game in the dolls house or hanging out with the Lego crew in Roo’s bedroom.

The game is brilliant and we’ve all had a lot of fun playing it and so when we were sent the Mega Bloks Skylanders Arkeyan Copter set toSkylanders Toys build and review I was hoping that the toys would be just a good as the computer game and capture Roo’s imagination in the same way. The Skylanders Mega Bloks follow the same principle as all the other Mega Bloks products, get kids to build creations using their imagination, except this time these sets include some of the well known characters from the computer game.

Mega Bloks Skylanders toysWith the introduction of the Mega Blocks Skylanders range of toys kids can now take the battle to the skies with this buildable Arkeyan Copter Attack toy set

The Arkeyan Copter Attack set is aimed at 5+,  Roo is just over 4 and coped amiably building it with Daddy E when she opened the box and had got over her initial shock that there were now Skylanders toys.  The instructions are clear and took no longer than ten minutes to put together.  Before your eyes appears a replica of the Arkeyan Copter that you fly in the latest Skylander Giants adventure and to complete the toy set you are supplied with three naughty Frigid Chompies who are guarding a bounty of treasure and a miniature Spyro the Dragon pilot who has to battle through to get the treasure back.

The Arkeyan Copter has two pretend plastic darts that it fires as it’s weapon (they really work and work well) and the toy is well made, attractive and easy for kids to play with on their own.  The fact that the set comes with additional characters means straight away kids have a story line to put into action and can either choose to attach the Chompies to get their treasure back or defend their treasure against a Chompy attack.

Roo has adored playing with this set and has happily played imaginary games on her own for over an hour with the set.  It’s great as it’s lightweight and easy for her to operate herself and has been used along with other play sets to create a whole imaginary world where Skylanders live with her other toys and defend them from Chompies and keep them safe.

Should you wish to there are several other pieces of the Mega Bloks Skylanders sets; including Troll Mech Ambush and the Sky Turret Defense.  At the moment there is a deal online where you can get Arkeyan Copter Attack, Troll Mech Ambush and Sky Turret Defense  for under £60 currently on Amazon.  These new additions to the Mega Bloks range offer really good value for money as well as being quality character toys that actually encourage imagination and dexterity through the building.

The full list of Mega Bloks Skylanders toys currently includes:-

Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants™ construction toys (ages 5+)

 Product                                                                    RRP

Battle Portals Asst.                                                   £9.99

Ignitor’s Battle Portal

Trigger Happy’s Battle Portal

Terrafin’s Battle Portal

Chop Chop’s Battle Portal

Vehicle Asst.                                                             £11.99

Sky Turret Defense (Chill)

Mech Asst.                                                                 £19.99

Troll Mech Ambush (Tree Rex)

Arkeyan Copter Attack (Spyro)                              £29.99

Ultimate Battle Arcade (Jet Vac)                             £39.99

Crusher’s Pirate Quest (Crusher & Cynder)         £49.99


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