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Make Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper

This year I don’t know what’s come over me, maybe I’ve been sprinkled inadvertently by some sort of ‘homemaker dust’ as this year, unlike any other year I have decided to make my own Christmas wrapping paper and also make my own gift tags.  Surprisingly this isn’t as difficult, time consuming or expensive as I thought – I’ve only bought the supplies I need and in all honesty it was prompted by tidying up the spare room this week to find rolls of half used wrapping paper from years gone by that is too tatty to use again this year thanks to the cat chewing it!

So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve bought and what the end result will be in case you also want to have a go at making your own Christmas wrapping paper.

What You’ll Need

  • Brown paper on a roll
  • Festive rubber stamps
  • Brown card gift tags
  • Assorted colour ink stamp pads; I chose red, gold, green and black

All the above was purchased on eBay for £15.80 including postage.  The stamps I have purchased are a mixture of festive ones including a snowflake, a dove, a Do Not Open Till 25th December stamp and some swirls and patterns.

I have done a couple of trial runs so far and the main thing seems to be not to overload the stamp with ink so that it becomes too wet and takes long to dry or smudges as you begin to do the next one and it would seem that designs where you space out the stamps or concentrate on doing a single area of the paper e.g. a thick line are most visually effective.

It’s been lovely to sit of an evening this week so far with the fire on, wearing my rather cosy Heat Holders socks (see my review later this week), getting a slightly numb bottom and cramp in my ageing legs watching my masterpieces come to light. I’ve been able to personalise my wrapping paper by using a different pattern or design for each family member and I love my Do Not Open Till 25th December stamp as this is really rather cute for Roo’s presents!

I’ve only got a sneak preview shot of what I am aiming to achieve on the slider for the post and this was taken from the awesome craft blog Creative Flourishes (take a peek if you don’t know of it already); as this provided me for the inspiration to get crafty this Christmas and save on the spondoolies so that I can indulge myself in extra vino!

I’d love to know what you’re doing this year in terms of Christmas craft ideas, ways to save money and little special ways to make your Christmas this year really personal and one to remember.

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