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Making Your Own Christmas Cards

I must admit I don’t really ‘do’ Christmas cards, I find them a pain to write, rather expensive and often un-personal.  So this year as I have decided to get a lot more presents bought online from websites where I can do personalised gifts or buy handmade crafts from British designers I have opted to make my own Christmas cards.

make your own christmas cardsSo tonight I’ve been grabbing ideas and thinking of ways Roo can join in with me so that we can create something really cool and that will mean a lot more to my family than a high street commercial card.

Here’s my favourite ideas so far for anyone else who fancies having a go at making your own Christmas cards this year.  I love the fact that with the cold days now setting in doing craft together is a really fun activity that often amuses Roo for a good few hours and I love putting her work on the fridge after.

Wreath of Names Christmas Card

I love this idea from one of my favourite ideas site Spoonful.com.

This card is really simple to make and you can create a range of different messages and using some of the great Christmas stickers from many of the high street craft shops some lovely personalised touches.

What You’ll Need

  • Computer and printer
  • Plain white paper
  • Coloured card for your cards
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Christmas stickers

How to make it

  • Type out some simple holiday greetings such as ‘Seasons Greetings From’, ‘Christmas Wishes From’ and then also type out the names of your family; if you need some fun fonts check out sites like dafont or font squirrel for something a bit more inspirational.
  • Print out the list and cut out each name. Glue the words and names in a wreath shape on a piece of the coloured card.  Next simply add a Christmas bow sticker at the bottom or a bell and voilà your handmade Christmas wreath card is completed.

kids christmas card craftThe second card I am going to do with Roo is this funky wavy Christmas tree card.

I like the fact that Roo can join in with this one and use her craft scissors and if she’s really careful she can have a go with my crimping scissors.

I reckon you could also use some metallic card and crepe paper here to add different textures to your trees.

What You’ll Need

  • Wavy-edged craft scissors and regular scissors
  • Different papers, card in green or brown or even some felt
  • Glue stick
  • Plain coloured card
  • Star stickers

How to make it

  • Use the craft scissors to cut a number of 1/2-inch-wide strips from the green paper or various green materials you are using to make your tree. Then use regular scissors to cut a small tree trunk from brown card, or felt if you fancied being different for each card.
  • To assemble each tree, first glue the trunk onto a card. Working from the bottom up, trim and glue on the green strips, cutting each as you go so it’s shorter than the previous one. Trim the last strip to form a triangular tip. Top the tree with a sticker star.

making your own cards for christmasThe third set of card that I stumbled upon was these Merry Mittens Christmas cards; there’s some beautiful papers in shops today that you can use for this project to create bright, eye catching and vivid cards that could be based around a theme or colour scheme.

These may be a bit more time consuming and require more mummy or daddy help but I think they are worth the extra effort.  You can download the mittens template here.

What You’ll Need

  • 8-1/2×5-1/4-inch rectangle of white card stock
  • Glue stick
  • 4×5-inch rectangle of colour card stock for background
  • Tracing paper; pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pretty patterned papers for the mittens, gift wrap would be cool
  • Paper punch; ruler
  • Variegated yarn

How to Make It

  • Fold the white card stock in half, short ends together. Using glue stick, adhere the colour paper rectangle to the front of the card.
  • Trace the mitten pattern onto a piece of card and cut it out.
  • Then using your patterned papers cut strips to fit across the mitten.  Simply glue them horizontally on mitten shape, layering strips as desired. Trim strips even with the edge of the mitten.
  • Punch seven holes 1/4 inch apart along cuff section of mitten shape. Cut fourteen 6-inch lengths of yarn. Fold yarn pieces in half, two at a time. Insert the yarn folds into one hole in the mitten from the back. Thread the ends through the loop and pull snugly. Repeat for each hole. Trim yarn ends slightly beyond the edge of the card.
  • Glue the mitten shape in the centre of the card front.

All of these cards are really quick and straightforward for most pre-school kids to do with adult assistance and will probably bring a really big smile of delight and lots of ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ from grandparents and relatives on Christmas Day.

If you’re having a go at making your own cards this year I’d love for you to share your ideas and tips for making them – after all this is my first attempt at this!

3 thoughts on “Making Your Own Christmas Cards

  1. We’re going to make a few of our own, but I’ve also ordered Christmas cards from a charity that supports my son’s disability. Samuel designed one of the sections of the Christmas card for the charity, and his name will be printed on the back, so a very personal card for us to send to our friends and family.

    A previous year Samuel’s school got each child to draw a Christmas picture and they used a specialist company to have the child’s picture uploaded online so that parents could log on and purchase their child’s picture as packs of Christmas cards, or other Christmas gifts. It wasn’t overly expensive, and the child’s name and age was printed on the back of the cards too.

    I do agree with you, standard Christmas cards are so impersonal.
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