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Magic Moves Wand – Review

Miss Roo has had a real treat to test this last week.  She has been testing out the Magic Moves Wand from Learning Resources.  The Magic Moves Wand is an activity toy that speaks a series of commands that encourage your child to get moving.  There are 90 physical commands such as “stomp like a dinosaur” and “grow like a pumpkin” alongside twinkling lights and groovy tunes to get your children up and about.

The Magic Moves Wand is a brilliant interactive toy that is perfect for pre-school children and great for battling those rainy days where you can’t get outside but want to avoid boredom.

The wand has two volume settings but 90% of the time it gets set to the higher volume.  Children are invited to press the button and the Magic Moves Wand will recite a phrase such as ‘run like a cheeta’ and they then have to copy the phrase.  The want is made from sturdy plastic with a crystal type disco ball on the top that changes colour.  It successfully survived two excited drops on the floor and does come supplied with batteries.

Roo loved the Magic Moves wand as soon as she opened it.  She asked what it was and I told her it was a magic wand.  We then had a conversation about what adventures could her magic wand take her on today.

Magic Moves Learning Wand Video

The wand is absolutely brilliant at engaging their imaginations and making them take on new personas and become imaginary creatures. With the weather having been so blooming awful lately this is a great indoor activity toy and at a kids party would be a fantastic way to get the kids up on their feet and doing some fun games.

Even though the voice is American (which is a shame on an educational children’s toy) I don’t think the accent is difficult to understand or off putting for children.  Roo was able to understand all of the commands and if they do happen to miss what has been asked of them there is a handy ‘repeat’ button which repeats the phrases or action they have to do.  The interactive element goes one step further as sometimes when the button is pressed it will ask the kids to ‘freeze’ during an action or will play music because it’s dance time.


Two weeks on after getting this out of the box it has gone down to Roo’s pre-school to be tested out by her class as the teachers were really keen to see how it worked and how it could be used with groups and children with special educational needs.

If you fancy winning a fabulous Magic Moves Wand then simply head over to their Facebook page where you have until the 1st March 2013 to enter the competition and win one for yourself.  Priced at just under £18 the Magic Moves Wand offers a brilliant fun learning experience that can be adapted for children of different ages and abilities and be used indoors and outside.


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