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Lunchboxes for kids with a difference

I have to admit that my lunchboxes for work are pretty average.  Usually a salad or a ham sandwich, a packet of crisps and some fruit.  No doubt when Roo starts school in September it will be the same just cleverly disguised in some character lunchbox to get her to eat it.

Well in Japan this really wouldn’t cut it – I would probably be sent to Lazy Parenting classes and reprimanded with a big stick for slacking off.  Why? Well on one of my random web searches today I came across this brilliant news article on the BBC about amazing lunchboxes in Japan.

Let’s face it in Japan they do things a little differently and many children are obsessed with the world of anime and cartoon characters.  Favourites such as Hello Kitty regularly adorn bedroom walls, but now it would seem that it has gone to the next step with children in primary schools and kindergartens setting their mum’s the task of creating lunchboxes for kids with a difference.

Mum’s all over Japan are being tasked with creating what are called character “bento” in their kids lunchboxes.  First off I had to find out what a “bento” is and apparently it’s a pretty traditional lunch in Japan made up of rice, fish and vegetables and in Japan a “bento” lunch is seen as a sign of your love for someone.  Logically then as a mum you’d want to create a pretty awesome “bento” packed lunch for your little one to show off at school.

Well if you fancy a challenge check out some of these videos from YouTube which include Hello Kitty, Pokemon and traditional Japanese anime characters….

Get chopping mums (and I love the bit in video too with the toothpick, who knew you could do this with cheese slices eh)!!

Japanese Bento Box Ideas for Kids Lunchboxes

6 thoughts on “Lunchboxes for kids with a difference

  1. Good post!

    I live in the UK and write a bento blog.

    It seems bento is slowly picking up pace in the UK and I hope it encourages more adults to pack healthy lunches for their children and themselves 🙂

  2. I think this is a great way to organised kids lunch boxes, are great storage to going some where. Katachiware bento boxes are wide range of bento styles including bamboo & disposible bento box accessories.

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