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Loving Jessica GELeration Nails

Jessica GELeration nailsI admit it, I like to look good and even when the bank balance is looking a little unhealthy I refuse to cut back on my little treats.  Why? Because looking good gives me confidence, makes me feel good and we all know when we feel good we can achieve so much more.

Beauty treatments are my indulgence and I love to have my nails done.  Last year I had an obsession with extensions but in reality these really do damage your nails and as a long term solution for me they don’t work. So when I discovered Jessica GELeration at my salon recently I had to give it a shot.

opi-gel-nailsJessica GELeration is one of the many gel nail products on the market; others include Shellac and OPI. I’ve tried all of them and the Jessica GELeration is my favourite as the range of colours is so huge you can always find something new to have.  What I love about this long lasting, fairly non damaging nail treat is I can get 2 – 3 weeks out of a treatment, have beautiful looking nails and all the time my nails are growing and getting stronger.  Also for those of you who, like me are impatient when painting nails just want them to dry this is where the Jessica GELeration really is clever as once applied and cured under the LED lamp it’s dry…instantly! No smudges rooting for car keys or getting your cards out.

Here is mine today and I opted for a classic French manicure as I love the fact that this goes with any outfit I choose and I don’t have to worry about a colour clash.

jessica-geleration-nailsIf you haven’t had a Jessica GELeration manicure it’s exactly the same as a normal manicure.  Firstly a clear base coat is applied and then your hand is placed under a LED lamp for 30 seconds while the other hand is painted. Next the colour is applied, you can even go  followed by the same drying process under the LED light. Finally a top coat seals the colour in.

The whole process including the shaping of my nails and hand massage took about 50 minutes. Removing them at home requires you to saturate cotton wool in the Erase formula (an acetone based liquid), and place it on the nail. Then wrap the nails in tin foil to keep the heat in. After 10 minutes the polish is supposed to slide right off, but be careful not to allow any air to get into the foil as this will cause the polish to harden again.

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