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Easter holidays and friendshipWell the Easter holidays have come to a close and it’s been a busy two weeks.  What with the drama of Roo refusing to go to out of school holiday club my mum had to step in and open her doors for two weeks (thank you mum, I don’t know what I’d do without you).  To be fair my mum’s amazing with Roo. She packs so much in with her that there’s never a dull day for either of them – it also brings a smile to my mum’s face and puts a spring back in her step. From heading into town for Costa coffee and babycino’s, to heading to the theatre to watch the amazing Peter Pan on ice at the Lichfield Garrick they’ve had a whale of a time.

I had to work for the two weeks but even after work I still managed to fit in some fun time with Roo and organised some play-dates with some of her new friends from school.  We headed to the Wacky Warehouse (a first for me, and I don’t know how I didn’t know about our local Wacky Warehouse until now), for a good two hours with two of her friends and they literally ran their legs off.  A dinner treat of McDonalds meant lots of smiles (and a cheeky burger for mummy) and a happy child.  We also headed out to GoBananas in Burntwood which is another giant indoor soft play.  Priced at £4.95 I loved the way I could run a tab for the day and just settle up when I left rather than having to keep getting my wallet out every time Roo wanted a drink or snack or me a sanity coffee.

As you can see from the big smiles, Roo and her friend Millie had a great time and it was cute to see Roo give Millie a card she’d made her because she’d missed her so much over the school holidays.

making friendships as kids

We ended the week with a surprise trip to Legoland Windsor – for us a fair jaunt of a journey at nearly 2 hours in the car.  It was a lovely treat by J to take us all down for the day and despite the miserable British weather (which actually worked to our favour as the park was quiet), everyone had an amazing time. Lots of smiles, laughter, jumping in puddles and this picture of Roo and I on the rollercoaster totally epitomises the day for the two of us.

Legoland Rollercoaster

Did I feel guilty about working most of the Easter holidays? Without a doubt, but the realism is I have to if Roo wants to continue to enjoy the things she had when we were a family of three and likewise I don’t want to give up the things I love to do and the places I want to go together.

Fitting in these little highlights, capturing smiles and making memories is all part of the journey of parenting and I wouldn’t swap one moment of our time together.  What were your little highlights from the Easter holidays?

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