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Linea Wine Glasses from House of Fraser

As a knackered single parent there is one thing you will always find in my cupboards….wine! I like wine and most nights have a glass after Addy is in bed. It is my treat of the day and a reward for juggling multiple balls in the air single handedly and coping with the constant demands of life in general and motherhood.  I also do it because of the sign below….at least I can offset my guilt with exercise!


And it seems my love of wine is well known on social media too because the lovely folk at House of Fraser (they do gorgeous homeware if you didn’t know) invited me to try out some of their lovely etched wine glasses from the Linea range.  A chance to have good wine in gorgeous glasses….a girl can’t refuse right?


The box of four glasses has different designs etched into the glass which are contemporary and modern and fit perfectly into the decor of my home.  I love the big goblet style glasses and the stems are delicate but not so delicate you fear of breaking them when you wash up.  My only criticism, and this is me being slightly OCD as I like things to match, is that all the glasses have a different pattern on making it a bugger to lay the table and match them up.  I was worried how durable the etching would be, but even doing a sneaky 30 degree quick wash in my mum’s dishwasher they survived and although I wouldn’t recommend dishwashing these wine glasses they did come up amazingly well afterwards.

They really are beautiful glasses and I bring them out for very special occasions, as when you use them they do tend to take a fair bit of wine and sometimes, well I like to keep the good things to myself!  If you haven’t seen the full range of Linea wine glasses check out their page on the House of Fraser website.  There are some great deals on at the moment with some sets nearly have price….which means of course you can spend the difference on some good wine to try out your new glasses.


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