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online datingVivacious, quirky, slightly eccentric 35 year old would like to meet tall handsome gentleman for coffee, dinner, days out and more.  Excellent sense of humour, faultless dress sense, a little slacking in some domestic duties such as sewing, but excellent in other areas such as cake baking & cooking.  Loves films particularly sci-fi and has a wide taste in music. Apparently one of my best features are my eyes.  Comes with a small apprentice aged 5 years so any potential suitors should be aware that they will not usurp the number 1 spot in my life as that is already held.

That is how the advert for my online dating profile started….shortly after my head hit the desk and I muttered the words ‘balls this is difficult’.  As Brits we’re not that good at shouting about our good points and what makes us awesome, it’s not considered ‘good manners’ – stiff upper lip and all that.

Seriously though when you find yourself back on the open market again at 35 the whole idea of dating seems a little scary and not at all like I envisaged for myself.  Like most girls I have dreams of fate taking hold and magically pushing me together with some tall handsome stranger across a coffee or when our dogs (not that I own a dog) get tangled together in the park.

The reality is though that probably won’t happen.  I’ve been having coffee in the same coffee shop in my hometown for a while now and there’s never a brooding singleton in there or at least not to my knowledge.  The barista server behind the till is certainly brooding but I am old enough to be his mother or at least his older sister.

Fate also doesn’t seem very willing to deal a fair hand in my quest for love or at least a coffee partner.  For instance the other week I dropped my purse in a shop in town, in the movies this would have resulted in a perfectly scripted moment whereby an Adonis sculpted bronzed god would reach down, bump into me and hand my my wallet.  Immediately enquire as to my availability for coffee and we’d walk hand in hand discussing how he’d admired me from afar to the coffee shop.  This is not what happened.  What happened was a little old lady with a trolley tapped my shoulder and asked me ‘if I’d dropped my vitals out of my bag’.

See…in real life fate plays no part in who you meet, and this is proof that I must take matters into my hand and rise to the challenge of meeting the men of today. With that in mind I’ve done something quite brave (usually I am quite risk averse, although some people who read this blog would disagree with that).

So I am taking part in a challenge  #3dates3mths  – I am going on three random dates in three months.  2 will not be from my online ‘fake’ life; no facebook, no WhatsApp, no Viber – It will be someone who I have met from real life.  From the supermarket on a Friday afternoon. From the coffee shop (watch out barista boy).  From the cooking classes I have just enrolled on.


The world is my oyster, well hopefully a bit bigger than that.  I plan to start with asking someone out who I’ve already spoken to, well in fact I have, we’re doing dinner – gulp! There will be some eye contact, progress into a smile, and maybe some agreement to meet again and do something fun and spontaneous, I think these are the stages of dating a real life person.  Scary for sure, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared, one thing it will be though is exhilarating and fun and a great way for be to expand my social circle and boost my confidence.

Now is there anyone available for me to practice my chat up lines on….?

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