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LelikTec Tablet Review – Tablets Packing a Punch for Under £50

LelikTec Android Tablet ReviewIt has to be said that in our house we’re just a little bit obsessed with gadgets.  Daddy E is usually checking out the latest ‘must have’ items for the home cinema market and I’ve been an Apple geek for about 5 years or so now and we always buy the big brands for gadgets such as Panasonic or Sony.  So I was intrigued to test out this LelikTec 7″ inch Android tablet that comes in at under £50 and has a 7″ screen and 1.0 GHZ Allwinner processor.   Quickly taking the features of the tablet it’s well specced for the money:

  • Newest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
  • All winner A13 1.0GHz CPU (up to 1.5GHz maximumly) + Mali-400 GPU
  • 7.0 inch Capacitive Touch Screen, Very Slim and Light-Weight,
  • Support WIFI, 4 way G-Sensor, flash player 11.1 (BBC player, Skype Video calling)
  • Rich apps: Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/MSN/Android market/Skype/Calculator/Google Mail/Google maps/iReader/Quick Office

The screen at 7″ is a perfect size for kids and it’s incredibly lightweight.  Apps are downloaded using the Google Play store and this is intuitive and easy to find content as you can search by category or title; best of all if you sign in to your Google Account you can download from your desktop or laptop PC and it will automatically update on your LelikTec tablet regardless of you syncing it to the machine; great for downloading content on the go.

A quick charge for 6 hours using the wall charger and we were ready to go; I love the fact I can lock down apps and restrict access to apps based on Roo’s age so you can filter out inappropriate content in just a few taps.  Great to stop kids from playing Angry Birds for hours and preserving your sanity.  Much like the iPad and Nook HD I own the tablet is based on a touch and swipe system and although it can take a few seconds to respond if you have a lot of windows open it is responsive and reacts well to running two to three applications at once.


The tablet itself is a really tidy and simple design- easy to handle and finger touch responsive. The tablet has an additional micro SD card slot so really handy for storing movies on for you or the kids to avoid taking up valuable tablet space with lots of films.  Booting up takes about 80 seconds and once charged I’ve had around about 4 – 5 hours out of a single battery charge and that was using the Wi-Fi.  I expect if you turned the wi-fi off you could easily get 8 hours out of this comfortably and this puts many higher priced tablets to shame.

The browser works well and as an e-reader books load quickly and the pages can be read without strain.  The thing I loved most of all was BBC IPlayer; I wasn’t sure how the processor would stack up to the intensity of watching programmes but was pleasantly surprised by clarity of picture, no distortion when watching and really clear sound.  Thanks to the external headphone socket you can quite happily watch programmes on the go without disturbing fellow passengers too.  The wi-fi is accurate and reliable too; even in our extension downstairs I was able to get 5 bars and download apps quickly.

To complete the tablet I also purchased a really cute faux leather case that comes with a handy keyboard built in that simply works by plugging in the cable to the USB adaptor.  I can happily type emails and respond much quicker on this than using the built in touch keypad and for the money (£11 for the case) this is excellent value.


With a built in camera it’s easy to keep on top of all the latest social sharing and upload photos via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and the tablet was more than capable at handling this even if the photo quality wasn’t as good as with my iPhone camera.

Overall, for a low priced medium spec tablet the LelikTec compares really well against higher priced tablets and is budget kids tablet perfect for playing apps, reading books and watching movies.  If you are a parent who wants to re-gain control of your iPad or is looking at making the step up from kids based tablets to something more grown up then this is a great starting point.  The processor copes amicably with most things kids will ask of it and the battery life is enough for most car journeys. It is small, lightweight and easy to pack in a bag for travelling and with the ever growing library of Android apps is excellent value for money.

With Google Chrome and email installed as standard and the LelikTec being Flash ready even mum’s and dad’s can enjoy this tablet as it’s great for shopping on the go and viewing your favourite websites.

Thanks to Moneysupermarket.com for letting us join in their Inspect-A-Gadget competition.


Disclaimer: I was provided with funds to purchase the LelikTec tablet for the purpose of this review and post.  This has not influenced by views and this post adheres to my PR Guidelines. The views expressed in it are my own and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me Charlotte Everiss for details.


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  1. Hi, great review, I just ordered this tablet, and also ordered a case/keyboard thing, which has already arrived, adn I noticed it only contains a big USB connector, does the Lelik tablet have only a micro usb or also an normal USB? Also I heard it comes with a USB to micro USB cable, how long is this?

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