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The LEGO Movie – An ‘Awesome’ Choice for Kids

Now before I start I have to say that this was not my movie of choice and I struggled to even follow the plot on this one.  I began to wonder if I was on some sort of hallucinagenic drug at one point as the plot seemed so incredibly bizarre I couldn’t possibly be sober! That said Addi adores this move, she adores everything about it and especially the theme song.  So if you are looking for a fun, family movie that the kids will love and if you’re a LEGO fan you’ll love too then this talked about movie of the summer is a must have addition to your movie collection.


We were kindly sent The LEGO Movie as part of our relationship with the review team at; you will have seen my previous post about how awesome is for finding great items at amazing prices and it is a pleasure to work with them and their team.  This movie was hyped up over the summer and fans of LEGO were going nuts to see it.  The film follows Emmet, an average LEGO mini figure who, through a twist of fate, winds up as the only person who can save the world from the evil President Business. The plot is fun and fast, the animation is slick but what stands out in this film is the fast paced script, jokes and fun characters.  On younger kids a lot of this humour is lost, and they don’t ‘get’ the true meaning of the jokes but the LEGO geeks will love the craziness of this film.

Even though I am not a huge fan of LEGO (don’t shoot me) there is a cleverness to the story that really appealed to me and I loved the intelligence and real wit. What I didn’t like though was the introduction of the human characters to the plot. The scenes where they were interacting with the LEGO mini figures or were the focus of a scene for me were just too long and drawn out and really took the pace out of the movie.

That said Addi cannot get enough of it – she will avidly watch it with popcorn on her beanbag singing away when the Everything is Awesome song comes on, which gets stuck in your head for days so be warned!  It is lighthearted and harmless fun and offers total escapism which is ultimately what a good movie should do.  The LEGO Movie is a welcome addition to anyone’s movie collection. It’s fun, smart and a visual triumph and certainly a good movie to have for a family movie night.


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