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uk mummy bloggerI’m pretty lucky in that I’ve never had any work done on my teeth.  The day my dentist tells me I need a filling I will run from the chair faster than Usain Bolt at the 2012 London Olympics.  So it’s safe to say I am keen for Roo to have healthy teeth and keep them as clean as she can.  We’ve been going to the dentist together since she was about 6 months old, mainly to get her used to going and seeing me have my teeth cleaned and to hopefully to avoid any of those phobias that kids sometimes get around going to the dentist.


Well a few weeks ago we moved to a new dentist in Cannock because our resident dentist in Lichfield had moved practices.  I’d specifically asked for a lady dentist as this is what I’d always had and Roo was used to and on the day of our appointment we met our new dentist who was brilliant at making Roo feel at ease.  The hygienist with her was young and clearly used to dealing with children because she asked Roo all about her school and what class she was in and kept her busy whilst the dentist poked and prodded me.

When it was Roo’s time to go in the chair they made it fun and games by showing her how the chair went up and down and Roo was really good in letting her count all her teeth with the mirror and there was no fuss.

At the end of it Roo got a really cool tooth passport from the clever people at Aquafresh.  The passport is for you to keep and you can fill in your child’s details and basically carry the passport with you when you go to the dentist so that the dentist can sign off each visit, collect stamps and show them how their teeth improve as they grow older.

It’s also full of fun pictures from the Aquafresh Nurdles telling us about teeth and toothpaste and how important it is to keep our teeth maintained and healthy.  On each visit they also get a certificate too to add to our growing ‘memory box collection’.

One thing I did ask the dentist about was electric toothbrushes as she commented on my teeth being so clean and plaque free, and said it must be because I use an electric toothbrush (which I do).  She advised that children aged 5 and over can use an electric toothbrush and said that this would be ideal for helping children who may be getting lazy at brushing their teeth and not giving them a good clean – which let’s face it most children are at some point.  As we’ve got Oral B toothbrushes I hopped onto Amazon to check out what deals they had on kids electric toothbrushes and managed to pick up the rechargeable Cars 2 themed Oral B toothbrush for £25.  This was a bargain as it was over £35 at my local Sainsburys!

Roo’s toothbrush has arrived and she loves brushing her teeth with it – in fact she feels a grown up like Daddy E and myself as now we all have matching brushes.  The toothbrush has a lovely sized head perfect for little mouths and unlike battery toothbrushes that go through their batteries at a phenomenal rate this one can be recharged.  It has a soft, rubber grip to stay in little hands and a handy two minute timer to make sure there’s no cheating on teeth cleaning at bedtime.


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