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Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner Batman!


Roo absolutely loves dressing up.  Her first costume however was not a success.  I remember buying her the Gruffalo costume thinking how cute my toddler would look in it.  This was not the reaction that actually happened when I put it on Roo who burst into tears, declared it itchy and refused it to wear it.  Back to the shop for a refund then and a big mark in the parenting fail box.

Fast forward to halloween and her costume of choice was Frankenstein…it was never going to be a witch or a bat…not with Roo it had to be something gruesome.  Now at nearly six years old her dressing up costumes consist of Spiderman, a giant spider, Frankenstein, pirates (several), a few Disney princess ones (but the tough princesses like Snow White and Merida), so when the fancy dress team at one of the leading costume companies Joke.co.uk asked us to review their kids dressing up costumes I knew exactly what she’d pick.

Batman…why not? Every girl longs to be a batgirl and Roo loves her superheroes and the range of kids superhero costumes on their site is vast!

We opted to test the classic black and grey Batman costume and at £16.49 this is priced higher than some on the high street it is a superior version with a full cape and mask and actually saves you around £6 compared to other fancy dress sites.

We ordered a medium which is based on a child age 5 – 7 years old.  Roo is tall and many of the smaller sized costumes come up short.  Luckily on arrival this was long in the legs, had lots of stretch and would easily last for some time. The fabric is of a really good quality and there’s great detailing on the costume with the barbs on the arm guards and the boot covers.


Did Roo like her costume?  Well it seems so because Batman came for tea several times that week and managed to let her guard down long enough to get absorbed in CBeebies!

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