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Keeping Fit as a Family – Tips and Advice

As parents we all want to make sure our children are fit and healthy, but with the day-to-day hustle and bustle of being parents, it’s easy to overlook our own personal fitness. While you might argue it’s difficult to find the time to exercise, the solution is actually quite simple. What you need to do is to get active with the family and in engage in activities you can all enjoy together.

Addy and I are both members at Lichfield Golf & Country Club and once or twice a week I will take her with me so that she can either enjoy the free sports coaching sessions or do some swimming with me. They seem to do less and less PE at schools now and we do make a conscious effort to get the bikes out and cycle to school and also I actively encourage her to do her football and multisports after schools clubs.

If you do fitness activities together, you’ll soon find that not only are you all actively getting fitter, you’ll be enjoying quality time as a family. So why not try some of the following?


Going on Bike Rides

Providing your children are old enough, a family bike ride gets everybody active and gets you all out in the fresh air. If you are going to try this, the best option is to head to the quieter country lanes where there will be less traffic and pedestrians – as well as lovely scenic views of course!

On top of this, you should invest in full safety gear for everyone from pads to helmets; as well as durable and reliable bikes from specialist retailers like Fatbirds. Also, when you’re riding on the roads, travel single file with you and your partner at the front and rear of your group, protecting your kids in the middle. It’s much safer this way!


Who says cardiovascular work has to be dull? Instead of just going for a run, dancing can provide a great fitness-improving work out for everyone. What’s more it can be quite spontaneous and exciting to engage in a quick ‘dance-off’. So why not challenge your children when they’re lazing about on the couch?

A Good Old Fashioned Walk

In the UK we have the benefit of having a huge wealth of beautiful countryside on our doorsteps, just brimming with walks and trails. Much like a country lane bike ride, by going on one of these walks you can experience beautiful settings and get a decent work out at the same time. Plus, with such a variety of lengths and difficulty levels available, you can choose something to take at a pace to suit your family.

kids-keeping-activeA Spot of Gardening

Turn the task of grooming the garden into a family affair. Again, providing your children are of an age where they can safely use certain garden tools, get them helping with the mowing, trimming and digging. This can help improve core strength and flexibility.

Do you and the kids keep active?  If so what do they love doing?

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