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Jumbo Connect 4 Game Review

The weather might have been iffy when we were offered the chance to review a Jumbo Connect 4 from Garden Games but this didn’t deter us from our plans to enjoy this oversized family favourite game.  Jumbo Connect 4 is one of four different Connect 4 games that Garden Games have on their website which specialises in outdoor games for the kids to use in the garden.

outdoor games for the garden for kidsJumbo 4 is made to the same design as the already popular Big 4 with the same smart colours, Jumbo 4 is a slightly more compact version of the game, standing 75cm high. The lower height makes it ideal for smaller children and allows the game to retail below £100. This version of the game also includes a smart nylon bag to store the counters.  The wooden frame is easy to put together in less than 5 minutes so no waiting around with the kids nagging you to hurry up and the handy counter storage bag means you can keep track of all the counters so no missing pieces.

The game is played just like the traditional version of connect 4 with two players; one taking the yellow counters and one taking the red and each player takes it in turn to try and get four of their own colours in a row either diagonally, horizontally or vertically.  Roo really enjoyed this and although she struggled working out the different directions she could place her counters we helped her to understand where she could place her red counters for maximum effectiveness to beat Daddy E.

I liked the fact that the wooden frame is really sturdy and well made, we set it up in Roo’s room and it is still compact not to take up too much floor space and so it’s a great game that you can bring indoors if the British weather scuppers your plans of an outside game.

The counters drop smoothly into the frame and drop neatly out when the game is won by unlocking the bottom bar using the brass bolt fixings.  Once the counters are out simple replace the bottom bar and start again.

The whole Jumbo Connect 4 is really well designed and Roo was quite happy playing it on her own and making patterns with the counters and was able to easily removed so she could play on her own if she wanted to.

At £100 I think this is a great product that is well made, encourages children to play independently but also learn about skill and problem solving (as well as a bit of luck) and is definitely a great investment piece for the garden or for using inside in playrooms and bedrooms as it can be easily packed away.  The Jumbo Connect 4 can be purchased direct from the Garden Games website and comes with 1 year’s warranty as standard.


Disclaimer: for the purpose of this review we were sent a Jumbo Connect 4 game set to play and test.  This has in no way influenced our opinion on the product and the views expressed here are my own.

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