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In The Night Garden Gift Set

The lovely people over at the BBC Shop must have hidden cameras in my house as they picked a brilliant DVD box set for me & Roo to review this last week.  We got sent the In The Night Garden: Isn’t That a Pip Gift Set.

Ever since she was a tiny baby Roo has loved In The Night Garden and calls her Uncle Mark the nickname Uncle Makka Pakka! The colorful and delightful In the Night Garden Gift Set contains a DVD and three storybooks for hours of fun!

Isn’t That A Pip! In The Night Garden DVD

Go on a magical journey with the following episodes:

  • The Pontipine Children on the Roof
  • Looking for each other
  • Slow Down Everybody!
  • Igglepiggle Goes Visiting
  • Where is the Pinky Ponk going?

In The Night Garden Story Books

Journey into the Night Garden with these enchanting books featuring Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and all of your favourite Night Garden friends. Perfect for playtime and bedtime, these loveable characters and stories are firm toddler favourites.

  • Where is Igglepiggle’s blanket
  • Upsy Daisy loves the Ninky Nonk!
  • Where are the Pontipines?

The books were brilliant, perfect size for taking between our house and the grandparents and just the right length for bed time stories. Roo has started joining in with the stories and pointing out the bits of the story she understands.

They are beautifully illustrated and the way that the books recap the main story at the end is just like the actual TV show.  She will even sit and read them herself as the stories are familiar and easy to follow.

As you can see from the photo Roo was really excited to get the gift to review and if you have In The Night Garden fans in your house I think this is a great Christmas gift.

The DVD episodes are some of the best, particularly Where is the Pinky Ponk going as Roo and I pretend to play this in our house whilst it is on and one of us takes turn being the Pinky Ponk 🙂

The In The Night Garden DVD Gift Set is really well packaged, the illustrations are well done and the quality of the books excellent.

The price is very reasonable for what is included as often box sets are overpriced.   The DVD gift set is available to purchase online at the BBC Shop and is currently retailing for £10.


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