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How important is location when picking a family home?

There are so many things to consider when choosing a location for your new home. A younger couple may decide they want city centre living, right in the midst of the nightlife and restaurant scene, while a businessman may choose rural living with a short commute to work to ease the stress of 12-hour days.

But what should you consider when picking a location for your family home?



The UK is becoming more and more gentrified by the minute – in other words, previously ‘no-go’ areas are becoming a lot cooler. Picking a hip area that is on the up might be great in the long run for a single person but for a family the first thing to consider if how safe it is.

Check government statistics to discover places where crime is low and take the time to research an area before viewing properties in it.


OFSTED reports are the documents which determine the level of competence at comprehensive and grammar schools across the UK so take a look at these at local schools in areas you’re thinking of moving to. Choosing the perfect postcode could turn out to be the best decision you ever made for your children’s educational future.

Real estate is all about the locationLongevity

When choosing a home you need to consider the condition of the property as well as the location. Many towns have both new and existing properties for sale so it’s important you consider both.

For example, there are a number of new houses for sale in Peterborough that have all the mod cons, and will generally come without the problems that can occur in the long run with an old Victorian house. Things like damp, dodgy plumbing and poor energy efficiency should never be a problem when buying a new property.

Proximity to work

Choose a location that is close enough to where you work so that if there is ever an emergency with the children, you can be back quickly.

Proximity to family, friends and leisure activities

A beautiful old farmhouse in the countryside may sound great, but what will that be like for the kids? It’s important for children to make friends in their area, be close enough to the school so that they can walk or get a bus (if they’re old enough) and still have regular contact with their extended family.


Remember, buying a family home means you are in it for the long haul. It’s a good idea to research what areas are due some investment, as this can dramatically increase the price of your house. Things such as new transport links and glossy shopping centres can really add value to your home.

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