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I’m Heading to BritMums Live

Britmums Live - uk mummy bloggerThe last 72 hours have been a pretty days as I started day 1 of my Clean 9 Detox, which  basically means I have to drink juice that smells like a cactus and not eat any food for 48 hours.  The things us women put ourselves through is sometimes beyond logic.  Why am I doing this?  Well because next Friday I will be skedaddling down to London and the bright lights for a weekend away at Britmums Live.

To say I am excited is just ever such a small understatement.  I’ve been waiting for this for the best part of a year and was lucky enough to secure a sponsor immediately tickets came out from the fantastic Dribblebuster, please do pop along and take a look at their beautiful website full of gorgeous dribble bibs and dresses made here in England.  From the moment I booked my ticket I’ve been planning; getting a deal on a hotel somewhere suitably plush so that I can enjoy a night away without an early morning wake up call and also sourcing the perfect outfit.

Plans took a tumble when my original roomie the amazing Kara @chelseamamma went and got herself pregnant (again) and therefore couldn’t make the event; I tell you what Kara I am buying you a chastity belt and the other half a lifetime subscription to Tools Monthly as payback.  However, the community that is the brilliant world of mummybloggers stepped in and in no time I was sharing with a new buddy Emma from Mum Mum Heart.  She’s a local mum to me too so that will be great and she has a wicked sense of humour.  We booked our hotel at the rather plus Grange at St Paul’s and a load of bloggers local to us are meeting at Birmingham New Street station to make the trek down all together – as walking into a room full of strangers can be pretty unnerving.

As the last few bits of the puzzle fell into place it became clear that someone I dearly wanted to be at Britmums Live wasn’t going to be there; the fabulous @MummyGlitzer.  I won’t go into Rachel’s circumstances and the why’s and wherefores as to why she can’t come – pop over and read her blog, you’ll be astounded at what this family are going through right now.  Fate has a funny way of dealing hands to people, and it was fate in the last ten days that bought a ticket up for sale on eBay that myself and several other bloggers (you can find them all mentioned on Rachel’s blog) clubbed together and bought.  I’m a sucker for being nice to people and helping others out so I phoned the hotel and got Rachel booked in to bunk with us paying half the supplement and Rachel offered to pay her part too.

It’s been brilliant to watch mum’s coming together over the last week to ten days to support another blogger in wanting to go to this event which for so many is more than a weekend away from the kids; it’s a chance to meet other mum’s who we share an online bond with, who no matter how crappy a day they are having always take time to give hugs when another is down, mum’s (and dad’s) who step in and offer advice or reassurance when everyone else has stopped listening and also a lot of friends who quite simply inspire us with their amazing blogs and abilities.

So in preparation for Britmum’s Live here is my Britmums Live Meet & Greet…..

Name: Charlotte – quite happy to be called Charlie or “Oi mummyblogger” if it relates to what colour wine do I want at the pre event wine tasting

Blog: The Mummy Blogger

Twitter ID: @themummyblogger

Height: Just like Kylie im 5ft 5 (unfortunately Kylie got the better looks)

Hair: big crazy and cut like Emeli Sande – right now it’s blue, magenta and purple

Eyes: Usually green unless copious amounts of alcohol consumed and then they are red

Is this your first blogging conference? Nope, this will be my 10th conference relating to blogging (slightly addicted).

Are you attending both days? Yes. I am so excited!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2013? Catching up with friends and finding out how I can make the blog run itself rather than it running me.

What are you wearing? I was lucky enough to secure clothing courtesy of the fabulous Fever Designs who have leant me a gorgeous blue batwing chiffon top and a tropical print dress;  I will also be wearing various bits from @ASOS from my Pinterest ASOS Obsession board and shoes from Zalando.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2013? The drive to take my blog to the next level whether that be through monetizing it or starting a new direction.

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows: I had plastic surgery on my ears as a child and have 60 scars behind them as well as dislocating my knees 4 times including once by falling over a Playstation

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