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I’m evolving….

time to make a change and grow

I’ve been doing lots of contemplating over the last few weeks.  Contemplating change and where the blog is going.  Over the last year it’s definitely become less parenting focussed and more about me, my lifestyle, the things I love. There has been less parenting drama and it has become increasingly apparent to me that I don’t want to be in the nice market that is ‘mummy bloggers’.  Not that there’s anything wrong with mummy bloggers, it is after all where I started six years ago and what the blog was originally intended to be.  But as bloggers we grow.  Our creativity shifts and as we get older our style changes and so does our outlook on what we write.

No longer for me does it seem appropriate to be detailing my daughter’s life online and there has to be a time as a blogger and a parent where you think about the impact the digital footprint will have on your children growing up. As Addison becomes savvier on the computer it has become much more of an issue over what I post online about her, about us.

Whilst I am a mother and a blogger I want to shake off the tag ‘mummy blogger’ and write for me.

And so today I bought a new domain name is the new domain for this blog and over the next few weeks the blog will evolve and transform into much more of a lifestyle and creative blog; still with some of the highlights of being a mum but much more about the things I love, the things that make me smile, the moments that make each day special.

So stick with me and the blog as we go on our new journey and I hope you’ll come with us for this new adventure…..


6 thoughts on “I’m evolving….

    1. Thanks Elaine – gradually the blog will transform onto the new name. I did think about starting from scratch totally but didn’t want to lose the PR and SEO benefits I’d worked to build on this one.

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