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IKEA presents ’The Time Travel Experiment No.2’

How cool would it be to time travel?  As a kid one of my favourite movies was Back to the Future as I loved the whole concept of time travel and being able to go forward or back in time.

It seems I am not the only one as the clever marketing folk at IKEA have used their concept for their latest marketing campaign ‘The Time to Travel Experiment.’ This is a rather clever piece of online content strategy where IKEA have used a hypnotist to take people on a real time travel journey actually in their stores.


The second installment of the campaign from IKEA invites another couple to experience their future, with a little help from world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz.

In the Time Travel Experiment, Justin hypnotizes a young couple and puts them into deep trance, who then take off on a journey through time. During their hypnosis they meet lots of different people, including a curious five year old and a very loud teenager.

”A lot of research and testing went into this project. We really wanted the young couple to feel that they had travelled in time. Hypnosis together with supporting actors, proved to be the best solution to making it happen”, says Andreas Nilsson.


The release of the films supports the global launch of the new IKEA catalogue and this year’s theme – Where The Everyday Begins & Ends. The central premise focuses on bed and bathroom solutions, rooms IKEA are paying extra attention to this year.

“The Time Travel Experiment is a new way of working for us, where the ambition is to create content that generate conversation among people, which can support and strengthen all the other communication efforts we already do”, says Mattias Jöngard, Global Communication Manager at IKEA.

The online entertainment films were directed by Andreas Nilsson, in collaboration with Forsman & Bodenfors. The same duo was also behind Volvo Trucks Epic Split with Jean Claude Van Damme last year.

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