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Ideas for Mums Looking to set up a Small Home-Based Business

guest blog postOnce upon a time, there was a girl who worked very hard. She became a successful and respected businesswoman . . . and then she had children. From then on, she had to make a choice between teleconferencing and Teletubbies.

If you feel you’re facing this tough all-or-nothing scenario, why not consider setting up your own business? With around 1,400 new home-based businesses emerging weekly in the UK, running your own show can prove to be a rewarding and lucrative middle ground.

Before you blow all your time, energy and cash on launching a business, think about your idea. What interests you? Chances are that you already have some knowledge and expertise. You don’t necessarily need to offer a radical concept – you could come up with a different angle on an existing idea, then identify a need for it.


Turn your hobby into a business
Imagine doing what you love and making money from it. It’s unlikely that you’ll be making millions but you can’t put a price on springing out of bed in the mornings looking forward to your day’s work – something few people looking toward a daily 12 hour stint in an office will find cause to do. You could make jewellery or candles, or bake and decorate cakes. Start small by selling through your social networks.

Offer a professional service
Consider how you might earn cash from your existing skill set. Whether you’re a trained accountant, lawyer, teacher or computer kid, there will always be a call for your expertise.

Offer a domestic service
We may be living in straitened times, but there continues to be a demand for help around the home. Start up a house-cleaning business or consider joining a franchise, where you’ll still be your own boss but enjoy the benefit of a team. Offer an ironing or laundry service, targeting more upmarket areas for business. Put those green fingers to use – you’d be amazed at the number of people prepared to pay for someone to do some weeding or start a vegetable garden.

Become a virtual assistant
21st century mothers have to be efficient multi-taskers – so you could use your excellent organisational and time management skills to help someone who’s too busy to manage their own life. Once you have a good internet connection and a phone you’ll be ready to start remotely managing emails and diaries and completing tasks.

Web Design
A thriving industry and one that is only set to continue booming in the years to come. If you have knowledge and experience of building and creating websites, you could broaden your knowledge to become a web design or Search Engine Optimisation expert.

We know what you’re thinking: “What? On top of looking after my own children?” Why not though? If you can spare a few evenings and know people who are desperate to go out, babysitting is a simple way to make cash – providing, of course, your charges are tucked up for the duration. You could also become a registered childminder – it’s not that much extra work if you’re already looking after your own offspring.

Take time to work on your idea. Write a business plan, take advantage of the free technology and resources available to you and set up a dedicated workspace. Before you know it you’ll be running a flexible, home-based business that fits with your family life.


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3 thoughts on “Ideas for Mums Looking to set up a Small Home-Based Business

  1. GREAT blog post! As a mummy who has just handed in her notice to her FT ‘secure’ but totally inflexible employer of 5 years, to enter the world of freelance marketing, this blog post couldnt have been read at a better time. Inpiring stuff 🙂 x

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