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If only school lessons were like this….

hyundai i30 tourer - guest blog postLet’s face it as a kid science lessons at school were pretty boring; I think in mine the most exciting thing that happened was someone leaving all the bunsen burners on one lesson and the entire classroom had to be evacuated for health and safety reasons.  So as a kid I can imagine it would have been quite fun to be involved in the new video for the Hyundai i30 Tourer.

What could be more fun than to get to play at being a lab geek and testing out the durability of a car and all the fab family features it has as a car.  I love their lab coats and clipboards and reckon that more car manufacturers should let kids on the design boards for forthcoming concept cars as after all once you become a parent you have absolutely no say in your choice of car and simply base your purchasing decision on how big the boot is, will my buggy fit in it and does it have wipe clean seats!

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