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Humf DVD Review & Competition

This week Addison and I have been lucky enough to review a forthcoming Humf DVD.  If you don’t have Sky or Freeview TV you may be unfamiliar with Humf, but since Addison was a few months old Humf has been a regular visitor to our TV screen.

Humf and the Fluffy Thing is the brand new delightful adventures of what is undoubtedly, the rising star of pre-school television. Due to be released on 12th September 2011 from Entertainment One, this highly anticipated  DVD includes a bonus disc containing an additional 6 episodes absolutely free! Narrated by leading British actress, Caroline Quentin,  Humf is the story of a lovely furry thing who is full of wonder at the world and is always eager to explore new things. Humf has been entertaining young children and their parents on Nick Jr since 2009, and the show now ranks in Nick Jr’s Top 5.

What I particularly like about Humf is the way the stories are written.  The content is short enough to hold your child’s attention so that they understand the story and by using young characters in every day family situations you can relate this back to things that you probably do every day with your little one.

For example in one of the DVD’s there is an episode entitled Humf & The Red Mitten.  The story tells how one day when it is cold Humf and his mum and dad all go to the park.

To make sure they don’t get cold they have to wear hats, scarves and mittens.  At the park Humf loses one of his mittens and his hand becomes cold.  He doesn’t realise he has lost his mitten until he goes home.  Humf and his family have to go back to the park to find the mitten which is in the snowman they all built together.

Addison really identified with this story and asked if she could wear her mittens when it snowed so her hands didn’t get cold; and I could interact with her by asking her what colour was Humf’s mitten and could she remember where Humf had lost his mitten.

The episodes are bright and colourful and all told from the perspective of Humf.  The stories and characters are realistic. There are morals in each of the stories and they investigate real feelings and thoughts of little children.

Addison’s second favourite episode was Humf & The Fluffy thing.  For those of you who are new to Humf each of the characters are different types of animal.  Humf is a furry thing, Loon the bird is a feathery thing and Wallace is a hairy thing. 

In this episode Humf and his mum go to the park and in the sandpit there is a new character.  Humf decides that the new friend in the sandpit doesn’t look like Loon so it can’t be a feathery thing and it doesn’t look like Wallace so it can’t be a hairy thing.  Humf decides that it is a fluffy thing!  The episode shows Humf asking his new friend their name, Beula and investigates the concept of sharing toys with your friends and learning to play all together.  Addison was keen to tell me that she shared her toys with her friends Lilly and Oliver at school and that sharing was a good thing to do.

All the Humf episodes are fantastic stories.  At three years old, Humf is full of wonder at the world, and is always eager to explore the new things he sees around him. He is thoughtful and self-reliant, but he also has a lot to learn. He listens to his Mum and Dad and he listens to his best friends, Loon and Wallace. Then he thinks about what they all have to say, but in the end he usually has to find out for himself. Humf knows what the questions are, even if the answers take a little longer to find.

The stories are narrated by Caroline Quentin and feature some of the voices from the Ben & Holly DVD series. Addison has happily sat and watched all the episodes from start to finish and is even learning a little Humf dance to go with the theme tune now!  As you can see by the photo to the left she was totally enthralled in it and had a great morning in her pyjamas as a treat watching the new episodes!

Humf DVD Giveaway!!

We have one copy of the new Humf & The Fluffy Thing on DVD to give away.  Read on below of how you can get your hands on a copy.

To enter you need to do the following:-

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Each action will gain you one entry. You must also leave me a comment telling me that you have entered with a way of contacting you.

Good luck!

Note: The competition closes on Friday 16th September at 9am. It is open to UK residents only. The winner will be drawn at random and The Mummy Blogger’s decision is final. The prize cannot be exchanged for anything else or monetary value. If you do not reply within 1 week of being notified of winning, the prize will be drawn again.

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  1. My little boy loves Humf but most of all Wallace he’s always playing Super Tiger. He would love this DVD (

  2. Unfortunately I don’t Sky TV so my daughter Lydia hasn’t seen Humf and his friends but your review has made me go out and buy some of the other DVD’s already. Would love to add this to the little collection. Melanie, (

  3. Love Humf! Have tweeted @01592_katie!/01592_katie/status/110978372796022784
    Thanks for organising and sharing this giveaway x

  4. Tweeted the giveaway, would love to win this, determined to be organised for Christmas this year and this could be a present for a stocking


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