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How to Toddler Proof Your Floors

To be honest one of the things I love best about our house is the fact we don’t have carpet downstairs, just solid oak flooring and huge black gloss floor tiles in the kitchen.  When Roo was growing up this made it really easy to keep clean and hygienic and also clear up any emergency spills and messes.

If you don’t have quick wipe clean surfaces though and have a toddler you will no doubt be worried about keeping your floors clean for them. As they begin to crawl, many parents are concerned about their children breaking things as well as getting dirt on their hands (which are often shoved in their mouths). Here’s our guide to toddler-proofing the floors in your home:


As your young ones begin to move around, their curiosity can create significant risk. Pulling on things and making a mess, quickly becomes their favourite pastime and while they may enjoy it, they could be putting themselves in danger. It’s therefore essential that you secure cables that run through your house, especially power cables.

Don’t use toxic cleaners

If you have wooden or plastic floors and frequently clean them to ensure that your children aren’t covered in dirt, always make sure that you use nontoxic cleaning products. Children love putting their hands in their mouths and the last thing you want is chemical residue going into their systems. The safest technique for cleaning your floor is to use a mixture of vinegar and hot water, as this won’t do any harm to your toddler.

Make your home a no-shoe zone

If you haven’t already, make your home a shoe-free zone. This will massively reduce the amount of mess people bring into the house and drastically reduce the effort you have to make to keep the place clean. This means that you will only need to vacuum up once every few days to ensure your house is flawlessly clean.

Use a steam cleaner

Floor cleaners from Vax are a great way to keep your hard floors clean. Using special environmentally friendly detergent, these cleaners kill 99.95 of harmful bacteria that are found on your floors – for up to seven days. As a result, it means you don’t have to spend every day cleaning up to ensure your child doesn’t get ill.

Cleaning spills

If you haven’t got the message already- children love making mess. If you own carpeted flooring, dealing with numerous spills and accidents will no doubt be taking up lots of your time. The best way to tackle tough stains is to vacuum the entire carpet. Then, create a mixture of cornflour and baking soda, cover the entire carpet and let it sit for an hour. Vacuum up all the powder and you should be left with a deodorised, fresh looking carpet. For very difficult stains, use vinegar or lemon juice and leave it to sit for 15 minutes or so –dabbing it up afterwards.


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