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How to Make the Most of your Family Holiday in France

holidays in france - guest blog postBooking holidays abroad can be expensive, so if you’re taking a summer holiday to France this year make sure you get the most out of your trip with these top tips on how to have a great family holiday in France.



Young children pick up languages a lot faster than adults, so if you’re travelling to France, start teaching your children a bit of French before you go. That way they can practice the language while they’re there and have fun ordering in restaurants or buying things in shops. Your kids could end up fluent before you know it, which could help them in later life.


The way you travel is an important part of making the most of your holiday. If you don’t fancy going by ferry or flying, taking the Eurostar train can be a good alternative. If you’re not taking your car via ferry, hire a car when you get there. Car hire in France is easily available, relatively cheap and can be a fun way of seeing the sights. Most car hire companies will also provide car seats for a small extra charge if you have young children. Take plenty of snacks in the car to save money at service stations and avoid unnecessary stops for food.

family holidays in France

Family activities

Family holidays are all about having quality time together, so before you go, look online for fun family activities in the area where you’re staying. Planning activities in advance will save time looking around for things to do when you get there, leaving more time for family fun. As well as lining up family activities, plan in some relaxing adult time. Even if its just reading a book while your kids swim in the pool, holidays are also about unwinding and having some time to yourself.

Get active

As well as lying by the pool and soaking up the sun, get involved in a new activity or sport that your family haven’t tried before. If your children are older, take a skiing break for an alternative French summer holiday and book skiing lessons for the children. If your kids aren’t quite old enough for skiing, book a cycling holiday and plan a route through the beautiful country side or along cycle paths, with the little ones in seats on the back.


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