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How do you deal with your kids being naughty at school?

I don’t think I am going to be the only parent who has found out about their kids being naughty at school but something happened yesterday at school and I think I dealt with it the right way.  When I picked Roo up she had a sticker on her coat saying Well Done.  I asked her what it was for and she said it was because she’d had her ‘listening ears’ on and had told the story to the class.  I was proud of her for listening as we’ve been working really hard on this with her at home and have noticed a big improvement generally in her behaviour and our requests for Roo to do things at home.

When we got in the car I  undid her coat and she had yet another sticker again saying Well Done.  I asked her what she got this one for and Roo went sheepish.

This is usually a sign that she’s been naughty or been told off.  She began to tell me that it was because she had told her teacher the truth. The truth about what I enquired.  Apparently Roo had pushed another child off a chair because she had wanted her best friend at school to sit by her during an activity.  I said to Roo that this really wasn’t a very nice thing to have done and asked what did she think she should have done if she wanted to sit by her friend.  She replied that she should have asked the teacher if she could have moved chairs or asked the other child if she would mind swapping seats.  Apparently she had owned up straight away to the teacher about what she had done and the teacher had explained that what she had done was wrong and the two children had apologised.

Whilst I was mortified that Roo had pushed another child off her chair, I was also proud of her that she had chosen to own up to her behaviour rather than blame someone else as she has previously tried to do if she’s been naughty at home.  We’ve been telling the story of crying wolf at home with her in recent weeks and how if you cry wolf too often or tell fibs then people won’t believe you.  It does seem to have stuck in her head and I do have to applaud her the latter part of her actions.

Thankfully the child in question wasn’t hurt and I am sure that had it been seen as a serious incident then the teacher would have asked to speak to me after school yesterday.  As it is there have been no repercussions and I hope that these little lessons will help emphasise to Roo that there are right and wrong ways to overcome situations in the classroom.

Some may say that I have chosen to airbrush this incident and that maybe I should have spoken to Roo more harshly and even dealt a punishment, after all could the child in question now see my daughter as a bully?  I sincerely hope not and wouldn’t wish this for the world.  Roo is generally a mild child but is headstrong and sometimes like any 4 year old needs guidance on her actions.  I saw this as nothing more than we’re 4 weeks into the school term and the kids are finding their feet and beginning to form groups and find their voices in class.

How do you deal with your kids being naughty at school?

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  1. Love this post. Samuel often gets in trouble at school, thankfully all small scale such as talking in class, making silly noises, disagreements with peers etc, these incidents are always dealt with at school however the teacher sees fit.

    I am a firm believer that a child should not be punished twice for the same incident, therefore, if he misbehaves at school, and school deal with the issue via consequence etc, I do not punish at home. I do talk to him about any incidents, but as far as consequences go, its been dealt with by school.
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